Saturday, February 28, 2009

jellery #10

oh and hello.
quietly and marginally less-sheepishly, here is:
an ode to my hoody. or, truth be told, an ode to all of my hoodies throughout the years, past, present and future superlative.

seriously though, much more stuff over at,
in particular announcements about the premiere of 9 new sock puppet portraits in brooklyn on march 12.


Friday, February 06, 2009

peanut butter and jellery #9

i sheepishly submit to the no one who still frequents this here old and other blog that i only keep alive out sentimentality:

yup. it took me 6 months to make this 40-second song. amazing.
i think i'll be getting a few more done soon though.
i promise to try.

things happen more frequently at:


Friday, August 29, 2008

Where is my jellery?

Hello invisible and non-existent people of the internet universe!
I fully realize that the Peanut Butter and Jellery project has fallen wayyyyy behind.

In fairness, in the time since I last posted a song, the full rock band, uncle monsterface made a whole album called "This Is An Adventure". It came out awesome, you can hear some songs on the the myspace or go buy it on Itunes. Interestingly enough, one of the Jellery songs, "This is My Hed" become a cool full length song on that album.

Also, I've started writing songs for some of the new sock puppet portraits that I make. Check out the first one, Spot the Elusive Dinosaur, featuring my new love, the ukulele.

And what of Peanut Butter and Jellery, conspicuously mis-labelled as a 2007 project? I plan to keep plugging away at it. Eventually. There's only 15 more songs to go, after all... Hope fully I'll find some time to work on them this year, in the mean time, listen to all that other crazy stuff.

Update overrrrrr.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

pb&jellery #8

this, the eighth song of the lumbering peanutbutter & jellery project is called
beneath the seam

i think that it is about how we often look for there to be more machinations than there are. liiike...we hope for a big and nasty conspiracy, when things are simply as nasty as the seem. beneath the seam. often. not always.


but there are actually lots of uplifting things happening in my life. that's just a song that occurred to me at one point or another. i'm endlessly fascinated by the the ever-twirling world of awesome things abutting melancholy and awful ones. the so-called pageant of life.

viva life!

i think i'll be able to make more of these songs a bit faster now that i'm not constantly selling portraits of sock puppets constantly.


Friday, December 07, 2007

peanut butter and jellery song 7

well this took a shamefully long time.
i sorely suspect that this 23-song project will take me into 2008. now i'll have to change all the graphics!

okay, so here is:


there are a variety of compelling reasons why this song took so long to make. not the least of which is that i am insanely busy both playing with uncle monsterface and selling portraits of sock puppets that i make.

and yes, it is true that those things make me occupied and productive and less able to make little other songs. but it is also true that this song is personal and sappy in a much more direct manner than usual. so the 'busy' stuff works as an effective excuse to push this aside all-too-often. so the song makes me nervous, and i keep not liking it. but i pledged that i would push some of this personal and sappy stuff for peanut butter and jellery, and here some of it is. there is more to come of it, but then there will also be songs about clothes and bears and the like as well.

i think that this song came out okay. i struggled with how i want it to sound, and it's pretty close, but i no longer have any idea whether or not it is any fun to actually listen to. so be it.

hopefully it won't take me two months to make the next one, because i already know what i want my NEXT song project to be, but i have to finish this gosh-darned one first.

happy everything.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

3 more peanut butter & jellery songs

as suspected, the songs are taking a bit longer to get done than i thought. isn't someone supposed to be giving me a hard time about that?

tracks 4, 5, and 6!

4. my real friends-
i think that 'my real friends' is yet another song in the long line of songs about my curious childhood. i never had an imaginary friend, because i had so many on tee vee and in comic books. but i sort of longed for one. perhaps this stunted my imagination, perhaps it just slanted it in an interesting direction. the notion that the tee vee/comic book friends were 'my real friends' stems in no small part from the fact that, as a classically solitary small boy (until i found another kindred weirdo in the 4th grade), my real-est friends were the ones i was finding in the justice league (thank you, kieth giffen). don't worry, i became a crazed extrovert in junior high...

i pushed myself around a bit on this composition. i tried to do things that didn't come to me instinctively, like dropping the lead verse line when it seems like it should come right back in, and then vocally following a weirdly atonal piano part instead of trying to build upon it melodically. interesting result...

and this is the longest song yet! way longer than a minute!

5. van buren's eye -
this is completely autobiographical. i just thought it was very funny as it was happening. the lyrics are:
'i dropped an eyeball on the floor ; as i remade martin van buren; president - who i adored ; because we share a name or something...'
as all two of you may know, i make sock puppet portraits for a living. recently, as part of a show in chicago, i did three portraits of U.S. presidents - lincoln, washington, and martin van buren. all have a place in my heart, but van buren the most personal. as a small boy, i wondered if any presidents were named 'martin'. whereupon i became fascinated with him. while re-making him in sock puppet form, i dropped his eyeball on the floor.

shortest song yet!

6. animal robot armada -
this falls more under the 'you've been warned'-songs-by-marty category. the leader of which is 'chocula (you're never safe)' as popularized by the rock band uncle monsterface.

any song that features robots, scientists, and zoos absolutely insists upon a nod to the flaming lips. duly nodded.

seriously, though, be careful. it's all a front for advanced robots, and they're assembling. remain vigilant!

that's what i gots.
pleassssse tell me what you think, please tell other people about them.


Friday, August 31, 2007

i am making a bunch of new songs called peanut butter and jellery.

it's me, marty.
the short-ish story:
i am making 23 new songs up...sort of...
i'm not sure how long it will take.
it will be called
"peanut butter and jellery",
(big thanks to perfect jimmy for the title idea that i then slightly modified because i am weird and also to remind me of the james kochalka book i really like called peanut butter and JEREMY, and my best friend of that same name, and also because i like peanut butter a CELERY way better than peanut butter and jelly...)

each new song(s) will initially be on my myspace at and the completed and archived work will be up on my old songaday blog at ...
at the end, i think i'll call it an 'album', and give it artwork and everything.
initially i thought i would reserve the right to re-sequence the tracks, but i take that back. it'll be more interesting to let the album sequence itself.

i can make no guarantees about the quality of these songs, both conceptually and in listening-wise...we'll find out together...

here are the first three songs from 'peanut butter and jellery' that i peanut butter and jelleried in the wee hours:

1. holdmyhand-
is i think about living in new york and being overwhelmed by massive amounts of people who are constantly so physically close to one another but simultaneously so isolated from one another. urban life. sometimes it seems like we're all singing the same song, but we can't join together, we're all running the same marathon, but we can't keep up. and i just want everyone to try and hold hands while they try...i'm such a softee...

2. tiananmen square root -
is not a political statement, but just a strange lyrical phrase that got stuck in me so i needed to let it its way, i guess it becomes about my own curious thought-process and where that leads me (as many of my organically derived and naturally evolved songs and artworks are wont to do). memories of old cars and global tragedies butt heads and entangle body parts with books about the berenstein bears... that sort of thing...

3. this is my hed-
it's made out of head. this is my head. it's made out of your head...(see above)

please join me as i make up the rest.

the longer story:
usually, i am in a band called uncle monsterface. together in that band, we make many wonderful songs.

sometimes, i make songs by myself. sometime those songs even become monsterface songs (which is to say, way better). around 2005 or so-ish, just as uncle monsterface was being born unto the world and planet and planet of worlds, i made a song a day for 30 days, 3 different times, totaling 90 songs. the results of that experiment are still at:,
and that will also be the primary home of this experiment (as you've hopefully surmised).

you see, i can't quite carve out the time for another song-a-day at this juncture in my life. this is basically a good thing - my life is full of a myriad of exciting creative pursuits. but i still want to undergo a ridiculous marathon project of song-ing...

enter 'peanut butter and jellery' .
here's how this one came about:
i write a ton of little musical 'blips' : musical thoughts or ideas, often only around 30-40 seconds, that largely just sit around on my hard drive and mock me. more recently in the material world, i decided to make a concerted effort to compartmentalize a lot of my sketch book efforts. so i now have: a 'funny' sketch book, a 'drawings' sketchbook, and a 'songs' sketchbook (and tons of others, really. but you get the point.)

so, to keep making a long story long, the other night i was thinking about all the little music 'blips' i have. on my way to bed, i listened to one, and thought suddenly, 'oh my goodness, wouldn't that be just very super perfect for those weird lyrics i wrote?' i didn't make it to bed for another four hours, because suddenly i was matching lyrics to music-blips in a frenzy (and an irresponsible frenzy at that, as i was justifiably dog-tired and had several other things i OUGHT to have been doing...). in the end, i had matched no less than 23 sets of words to 23 little pieces of music. an unusual feat, and an odd way to write songs...(and as an aside, the number has a sweet spot for me from a variety of directions [let's please ignore the silly movie], and it was entirely unintentional. on a conscious level, anyways...)

but i didn't RECORD any of it, see? so i'd imagine SOME of it will work great, and some will end up in the,'huh, what was i thinking aboot?' category. and i invite you, fictitious person who is no longer reading my over-wrought missive, to join me on this journey of journeys. weeeee! what a journey! of sonnnng!


some notes on why this isn't another songaday:
it can't be song-a-day because it isn't. it's something else entirely. for one, with song-a-day, a big part of the ethic was that the song was made up in it's entirety on that day. i'm sure there will be a lot of re-working of what's already written and recorded going on with this project (but the essential bits are there, and once it's recorded and posted it's 'done'), and i'm pretty sure there will be days and days where i won't publish songs. and days (like today) where i publish several. but if i wait too long, you should get on my case. moreover, a lot of these songs will be short as the dickens. most of them, probably. not that dickens was always short, but you get that idea, too. moreover, some will be sappy and/or morose. and i don't generally hold with that crud with the monsterface. at least not in as much of an obvious manner.

and that's my story. welcome to
'peanut butter and jellery'
(thanks again, jimmy!)

as ever, please let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

peanut butter and jellery is coming soon!

yes it is!

very exciting...


Thursday, November 10, 2005

not so songaday (but life is yay)

scroll down for 90 songs = three iterations of songaday.

i know, i know, last time i posted i said i though i'd probably be ready for october/november. i'm not. i'm committed to waiting until i really feel like it's the right time. still superbusy with uncle monsterface, check out the goodness, much of which was born right here. but i am getting ready. in my funny marty ways. i've done several notsongadays. maybe i'l post those at some point for an interim preview/treat.

in the end, i can't wait to do this again. it will come.

this i command!


Friday, August 05, 2005

sock puppet and story a day!

hiya! scrolll down for old songs...

for now:
me and my friend andy wade are engaging in an experiment of creative solidarity. while i make a sock puppet a day for 30 days he'll make a short story type thing a day for 30 days.

see them both every day right here through spetember 2, 2005 at:
please join us for the awesome greatness of yay.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

still no songaday yet (but i want to make puppets)

i sure do miss songaday. it'll be back. in the meantime, if you're new, scroll on down for 90 songs that make up three iterations of me making one song every day for 30 days in the past. they're grrreat!

now here's the deal: right now i'm doing a spot of music learning. and a spot of software learning. and i keep on playing rock songs with the awesome rock band uncle monsterface . so after the learning stuff, i'd very much like to do ANOTHER songaday. i'm thinking probably october-ish. and that'll rock so hard it'll hurt my face and every other part of my body.

BUT! i wanna do something else in the meantime. another round of sockpuppetaday. now, to give you some background, sock puppet a day was the forerunner of songaday. i made 30 sock puppets for 30 days last year, before i EVER even thought of songaday. subsequently, i use those sock puppets everywhere (including at live uncle monsterface shows - come see us this friday july 29 for free at 8pm at the Boston Children's Museum, and then august 27 at the milky way in jp all ages 2pm with harry and the potters yay). i'd love to post them, i'm not sure yet if i'll post them here or start up a seperate blog for them.

what do you think?

bye. i miss you, my songaday.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

(thisisnota) songaday

i miss songaday.

but i fear it'll be awhile until i start another. for those interested in songaday in particular, scroll on down. there are 90 songs for you to listen to. listen up. get down. tell me what you think.

what have i been doing? lots of stuff. perhaps the most exciting is uncle monsterface. it is the rock band.
please check us out at
uncle monsterface's nifty new web page!
uncle monsterface is making lots of awesome songs. several of them were born right here in songaday land. and then my very smart rock partners make them way better. go to the above-mentioned web site to hear our new and exciting re-creation of lionfist journey (and then scroll on down to hear the olde version...or vice was volume 2 #6, for the kids who are keeping score...)

and also there is a spider baby growing out of my shoulder and i am learning to make cartoons.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

songaday volume 3 #30

ta-dahh! it's goodbyehello volume three


long-winded dedication that can very easily be skimmed over:
songaday volume 3 is humbly dedicated to douglas adams.
as a small boy, i read all of the hitchhikers guide books and loved them (something i am rather proud of the small boy version of myself for). i began in the fourth grade. by the time i was in the fifth, i gave a lengthy oral book report about "the restaurant at the end of the universe" which involved a bulging sack of props. there are all sorts of things that form you when you are young. for me, i always knew douglas had been one of them, along with great stuff like the kids in the hall, the simpsons, they might be giants, the tick, jim henson, my best friend jeremy and his family, tee vee, tv, television,the list goes on and on. but somewhere along the line, i think i forgot just how much he had done to my mind. (for my mind.) i recently decided to re-read all of his books. i finished the guide series (incidentally, i have no idea why i used to say that the books fall off at "so long and thanks for all the fish." read them all, they're increasingly brilliant). anyways, i was reading "last chance to see" (his lesser-know non-fiction book about endangered species. the copy isn't mine but amy mae's mom's or brother's...i'll give it back...i prommmmmise...) anyways, i was reading it on the train, and then it suddenly made me cry. not just because i'm a big baby (though i am), but because it hit me in the face. pow! right in the face. he's dead. i don't think i grieved properly when he died. so now i am, and this is for him.

slightly less long-winded thanks:
first thanks to everyone and anyone who listens ever. in the past, present, or fuuuuture. and extra thanks to anyone who has told me thoughts or encouragements or anything. i know folks are out there, because the internet tells me so. i even like to imagine that there are a few sneaky folks out there whom i've never even heard from, listening away, headphones clenched, hunched over their gramophone in the night kitchen. but extra special thanks to two folks who i am wicked most proud to hold as friends: ms amy mae silvia and mr andrew wade. you guys have kept listening, and kept encouraging, and kept telling me things. and it means a heckuva damn crap of a lot. yeesh, andywade ended up with a song about him and a song sung by him (two of my favorites, incidentally). so bigtime thanks, everbody.

and that's it. i'm not sure what happens next. i have a feeling it will be a bit longer before i do it all again. i mean, i'm sure i'll do it again, but there really is some other stuff i have to hack away at. i want to make some cartoons, rock out with monsterface, make some sandwiches, kiss girls, go to dinner, sleep and bathe regularly, other crazy ideas...

it has once again been an awesome experience. i am as surprised by these songs as you are. every day is a crazy adventure. and i'm really proud. every iteration of songaday has been totally special.

so yay. yay for you, yay for me.
come see uncle monsterface tomorrow night at o'briens.

i'll miss you while i'm gone.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

songaday volume 3 #29

for all the poker players: (bad) luck of the draw

an auspicious number 29.
bearing certain resemblances to #21's "out like a lamb". equally owesome to mr tom waits. i'm just enchanted by this gritty and downtrodden feel. when i'm not making something obscenely upbeat and catchy, that is. it is new to me and very fun.

several peoplefolk said to me, "so, all done with songaday, eh?" and i said several times, "anope. 30 days every time." my month. sorry for the confusion.

tomorrow we say goodbye and farewell. thursday we rock o'briens. friday we get on a plane.
viva la doinglotsofstuff.
i won't start waxing all maudlin and thankful and thoughtful until then. but rest assured i will, complete with an anti-climactic final song.

until then,

Monday, February 28, 2005

songaday volume 3 #28

have fiscally responsible fun with: the grown up song

i think it is rather clear that i am amusing myself quite a bit at the end, here. for anyone keeping track, there is some pretty uncharacteristic vocal overimpedance, but i just had to keep those performances. let's see...i'm very excited for thursday's monsterface. did i mention that show?

and tired. but good tired, you know?
so. here's how it falls out. songaday ends march 2. monsterface rocks march 3. then i travel to portland oregon with my best friends to see my best friend. for a vacation! yay.

just two more, gang. i can safely say that, for me at least, it has been a very exciting songaday thus far. but we're not done yet...

i know your secret,

Sunday, February 27, 2005

songaday volume 3 #27

an aquatic life with: scuba bear

i know it is a topic that everyone is writing about, but i just had to put in my two cents.

while making this song i had to stop recording several times because it was making me laugh.
i am suddenly all about crazy funny screamy punky songs again. crazy olde songaday. and i really like the middle, too. i need more songs where i just make funny noises.

what does MARCH 3 equal?
UNCLE MONSTERFACE at o'brien's in allston! yay, come and see. rumor has it we may be "doing the airplane."

with chocolate arms and hands.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

songaday volume 3 #26

moving forward we have go!

one of the many nice things about a saturday to myself is it means that my songaday gets to be done mid-day. which means i am far more comfortable all-out screaming. which isn't to say that my room doesn't resonate with it's fair share pf whelps and whinnies aech night around 2am, it's just that i can REALLY scream during the day. i mean, this stuff would be downright inappropraite at such wee hours.

very awfully close. yes yes.
are you with me out there, people who listen to things?

let's take the rock and roll on down through the home stretch.

Friday, February 25, 2005

songaday volume 3 #25

watch out for avian flew: do the airplane (do the aeroplane)

phewww...almost there. already making me misty. this songaday has rocked my butt off. yay.

don't forget - uncle monsterface. march 3. 8:30pm. o'brien's in allston. rockrockrock.

tonight is the first official pokernight in nigh on a dog's age. wish me luck.

and i'd truly appreciate it if while you listen to this song, you please do the airplane.

everyone knows how...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

songaday volume 3 #24

rollin in from the pasture is milkcow

congratulations on the shortest songaday ever yet.

i told you i'd make a song called milkcow.

sick of being sick,

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

songaday volume 3 #23

target practice with: shoot me down

don't worry, it's about climbing trees, and how to get off of them.
i like summoning the bluesman inside. i want to do more of that.

first of all, let's all countdown to uncle monsterface at o'briens on march 3 - 8:30pm. count with me...

and in case you were worrying, i'm still ucky-sick. i got better in the morning and now i'm sicker. ayuck. singing songs like that isn't so conducive to healthiness, either. but songaday is songaday. note the clever use of my incredibly stufft up voice.

a side note: i think several sweet people took yesterday's "delicate ego" comment as a fishing line for compliments. or something. it wasn't intended as such. but thanks to any and everyone for kind words and encouragement (all the time...and maybe people just happened to be feeling nice at that same moment). anyways, it always means a lot. as does honest criticism. if i may get back on my soap box for a moment, i would preach that if you are reading/watching/experiencing any of this magical world of blogdom, vlogdom, bjournalhood, or anything for that matter, take a moment to tell the person on the other end what you think. it almost never falls on deaf ears. again, this isn't me fishing, it is me preaching.
(oh will you pleasepleaseplease ADORE ME already!)

i think we may be officially on the home stretch here.
hopefully i will be less sick on the morrow (wind).

with mutual adoration and a medicine head,


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

songaday volume 3 #22

avian flu presente: two ducks

back to the small.
i am sick. despite this (or because of it), i actually created this entirely other crazy and grande song. that i didn't like. so then i made this. and i don't really know what to make of it. perhaps because of the nyquil.

and then also i made an alternate version with a chorus singing "look back and quack" at the end and then a professor going,"fredericka! you must never look back! i saw that!"
but then i uploaded what i thought was that version and it was this one, this more paired down one. and i liked it better this way. so there you have it.

look back and quack.

needs help getting zees,

Monday, February 21, 2005

songaday volume 3 #21

for mr. h. s. thompson: out like a lamb

i didn't know hunter s thompson had died when i started making this song. specialfriend-pete broke the news. the song was already all written (but not performed). and it felt completely proper to dedicate it to him. a crazy fellow who influenced me. bye hunter.

a nod must also be made to mr tom waits on this one. thankfully he's still with us. and i'm sure it is clear that he is an influence on this particular songaday.

can i take a minute to puzzle (again) over this mysterious rss feed? ryanne and steve garfield were compelled to get me rolling with this dealy (for which i still thank them...). inasmuch as i can tell, it allows people to "subscribe" to my blog and then automatically get it. right? (or else it is a german built flying car with tires that are also radios.) anyways, all it is doing is wreaking havoc on my delicate ego. one day i'll have 17 people. the next, 5. was it something i said?

okay, fine, my ego isn't that delicate...


rock on forever to the sound of freedom and free things such as birds, bicycles, and carnie folk.
and if you have a chance, take some lsd. do it for hunter.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

songaday volume 3 #20

direct from maine, a very special: lemon meringuetang

ha ha! the commitment of the songaday!
so: here we have the third-ever songaday guest artist. none other than mr andywade himself.

here is how it went down: we got the bus schedule wrong because of stupid president's day. so i'm stuck in maine for an extra day. stuck is a poor choice of words. i'm here and andywade is awesome. the only problems were work and songaday. so we went into emergency procedures. fixed work (thanks donna!) and recorded the immediately legendary lemon meringuetang. which also happens to be the world premiere of the band bearing the same name. we recorded it using one of those awesomely sketchy computer mics that look like a game show host mic and one of the standard windows audio tracking devices. despite a few attempts, we were unable to do anything besides track one live recording. but it is pretty wicked awesome. there was one recording where the accordion got accidentally super-distorted, which sounded totally amazing. but we couldn't replicate that. but now i want a distortion pedal for everything.

most of the brilliance of this nugget lies with the wade. which in its turn made me really want to take on the role of "producer" for other folks. i'd love to take another crack at this song with all of my regular computer-stuff at my disposal.

okay. i'll take a long bus ride and return to regularly scheduled songadays tomorrow.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

songaday volume 3 #19

buy now! miracle ball

early morning song so that i can get on a bus to visit maine and the human running theme of volume 3, mr andywade.
have a happy saturday, and don't go to ikea without me.


Friday, February 18, 2005

songaday volume 3 #18

for the the wistful kids: spaceship aeroplane (write your name)

i think that you are a bird today.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

songaday volume 3 #17

scififancondotcom presents: the spoonda wars

i really wanted to say something about the fact that the 5000 year spoonda wars contributed very much to the booming economy of both civilizations. but then i got too excited about the "systematic attack..." you know how it gets...

i also wanted to do a song called "milk cow." maybe i'll get to it later. i was also thinking about doing a song about how cautiously excited i am about the next generation of video game consoles. go nintendo! make the revolution live up to its name... if ANYONE can get me into E3 this year i will write them an album of songs singing gloriously of their virtous awesomesness and battles and greatness and anything...


i really enjoyed making the crazy crunchy drums on this one. i think i'm truly starting to bend the will of this magic computer program.

rock rock rock until the break of dawn or else a little bit before then,

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

songaday volume 3 #16

go team: the thrill of defeat

annnnnnnnd - we're over the hump! yayyyyyy!
i like to make songs every day.
i also like the spring, and look forward to it.
and how are you today, fair listener?
are you wearing a merry jacket? have you danced any proper jigs of late? mayhap you've hugged a jug, or else donned a bonnet? welp, if you haven't, get to it.

less has been more lately for songadays. and i like that just fine. sometimes it feels to me like i made a song that is 8 minutes long when it is in fact 50 seconds. don't get me started about time again.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

songaday volume 3 #15

food lover's are my people: leftovers

i think i made two songs at once...
it sort of became all about that ridiculous falsetto...

bliddy bop.

Monday, February 14, 2005

songaday volume 3 #14

take this, saint valentine: heart

an absolute nod to the brilliant young gentleman ed in the refridgerators they have a valentine's song called "heart of blood," and i love it and them. and i miss them. a further nod to the gentleman who i can never nod at enough they might be giants (their song "mammal")

i just won a bunch of money at poker. jason and i have a poker blog i will write about it there. it was completely crazy.

and then also i think i really like this song. which is fun.

okay, happy heart smooch poopies. if you are in love, i hope you are having awesome valentine's sex right now. (i suppose i hope that for just about everyone, in love or not... i mean, i hope you're not in an emotionally bad relationship and still having awesome sex. but if you are, the least you could do is be having great sex.)


Sunday, February 13, 2005

songaday volume 3 #13

back to the: future life

hi howdy sleepy boy yes. good nice sunday of talking and thinking.
songaday still crazy. somewhat back to something or other... ?
ethan said,"this songaday is the best yet," which felt nice but doesn't feel true to me as i'm in it right now. but that is all okay, too. regardless, if you are ever new to songaday i strongly encourage you to go backwards for perspective. cumulatively, this is song #73.

anyways, i want more control over...some part of the mix that i don't have control over...
i'll work on it and let you know.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

songaday volume 3 #12

in the age of convenience we bring you: penguins lie (betwixt the stubben)

i'm sorry? what? did someone mention more eccentric small songs...
currently obsessed with miniature clarity...

i'm not sure where these are coming from, precisely. they are my little nuggets of song.
rest assured my brain will inevitably counteract thesecompressed notions with some ornate baroque nightmare of elation and supersizedom.


not songaday but monkeyhouse

it is rare for me to disrupt the purity of one songaday to the next. but i wanted to tell anyone who is out there to go see monkeyhouse tonight at CMAC .

CMAC happens to be where i work, as a matter of curiosity. and i wouldn't usually use songaday to promote it. seperation of church and state and all that. but this show is fabulous art made by fabulous folks. it is thoughtful, beautiful, and has a waltz on roller skates and a pinchy stick. and tonight is its last night. and if you tell them songaday sent you, get the member discount of $15! tonight only...

but don't go there to stalk me. because i'll be out drinking and/or at home making tonight's song.

rock on people of the listening world, you'll hear a songalito tonight.

Friday, February 11, 2005

songaday volume 3 #11

seriously, here is: cat and frog (onalog)

well then. that was quite possibly one of the quickest songadays ever. ah, what a merry and childish jig. listen, i just couldn't resist the temptation, okay?

in a bog.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

songaday volume 3 #10

oh boy howdy it's: two little triangles
who doesn't like an eerie dirge?
um, i think volume 3 might be winning most eccentric. go volume 3!

in direct deifiance of ryanne hodson , i am going to continue to write bunches about these songs, my butt, and my penchant for disaster movies (not true).

here is what i think is funny (besides everything). yesterday i was musing about the music i've been "studying" throughout the day, wondering about its effect on the day's song. well, today was rufus wainwright, more mates of state, elliot smith, and a little queen. with a dabble of they might be giants. what we clearly have in song form is something that owes much more to
A) the residents
B) rasputina

hey, so it goes in rock and roll.
speaking of rock and roll, go check out the nice folks at:
they are putting together a new music blog looker-upper.

so, here we have another song in my long line of anthropomorhized shape songs. some are here on songaday, others are elsewhere. circle saw the star, lullabye for triangle, shape song, star parade. here is the latest. simple shapes creep up all over my drawings and writing, too. what can i say, i am a big fan of component parts.

we are currently also obsessed with salt and pepper flavored potato chips. eat them.

please tell me what you think of songs and i promise to write back if humanly possible.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

songaday volume 3 #9

kablamo, here is: helloagain

hey! so, wow, a songday hasn't been this hard to make in i can't remember how long. there was one full-on completely composed and structured false start, and several more vocal false starts within this smaller structure. oddly enough, yesterday's song took only half the time. and today's ended up being one of the musically simplest and shortest. and there is a strong likelihood i'll look back and like this one (as opposed to a few other dark horses that were mired in struggle). it is funny, because i went in very excited to make something very poppy. all day i've been listening to ben folds and michael jackson. and there you have it.

which is an interesting segue into a point about this here songaday process. part of what i have been doing is really hitting myself with much more music than usual. i haven't done this so purposefully in past songadays, and i'm not sure why i suddenly wanted to now. but i've been listening intently and dissecting quite a lot. the abovementioned were today's contributors. thus far there has also been a lot of: mercury rev's new ep (one song in particular), the mates of state, the postal service, xtc's apple venus volume 1, and bjork's medula. probanly something i forget. more to come, i'll keep you posted.

ouch, that one hurt.
but i still love songaday lots.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

songaday volume 3 #8

long overdue: summaluncha
(very overtly for andy wade)

you'll remember andy wade from yesterday. as the best ever. well, he still is, and today is his birthdae. long ago, i posted a contest. " tell people to sign up for my e-mail list and i'll make a song about you." not enough people responded. but dr wade did. and here, at long last, is his song.
when is jonny cruz's birthdae? damn, i'd have to learn how to play some real sexy bass for that song (he also "made good" on the contest. AND he's wicked sexy. for rizzle. i mean, andy wade's sexy, too. lots of my friends are. but i'd hump jonny cruz's spit. )


okay. yay. for songaday.

happy birthdae andywade (go look at his awesome journal blog via the link and discern the true meaning of summaluncha, christamas, partying hard, orc potions, and the afterlife)!

Monday, February 07, 2005

songaday volume 3 #7

brooooing: bending bird

i am on the phone with andywade. he is the best ever.
today is my day off. i bought stuff.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

songaday volume 3 #6

one-fifth through: anymore giants

ah, sweet sundays.

this song gets a bit muddy, but i like some bits. i kept trimming parts for clarity, but in the end it still feels unwieldy. i really like the idea though. to spoil: it is about a race of underground peoples who think of themselves as giants relative to everything else, but when they explore the aboveground in their spacesuits they find out they aren't so big. you know, perspective yadda bladda marty etc. yet another odd one. i keep saying that, i suppose.

i think it should be said that volume 3 feels much more like just picking up right where volume 2 left off. which makes sense, right? but i don't think that was the case from 1-2. and i didn't want it to be from 2-3. but then i stopped fighting that as of about day 4. and so now songs are going much faster with a lot less worry. change will come, and having the full keyboard is a big one. but i keep mentioning their oddness. which is true to me. and makes sense because by the end of volume 2 i was very comfortable making songs that were completely odd with no regard for popular opinion. which isn't to say i don't care what you think. please tell me things. and it also isn't to say that i am always making songs so that people will like them. but i feel that the seemingly random aside in volume 3 #1 that says,"and this time, i'm making it, just for me," holds true to an extent. obviously not completely, or else this wouldn't be a big olde public fprum. but you see what i mean. or else you don't. in either case, please write me about it.

go superbowl tigers of yay.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

songaday volume 3 #5

climb on in our fort of clothes

we played a rock show. it was great fun. yet another odd line-up, but a good one. i was powerfuly moved by the folks who went before us: zac and sarah (winchester, i believe). just beautiful beautiful music - this sarah simply has a sensational and honest voice like no one else. i could listen to her sing anything, anytime. then we rocked our craziness, which should have been grossly inappropriate after such niceness, but i feel like we did our own rocktastic job. the show was in good olde north 175, the classroom that i spent much of my four years of college in. it felt like magic to be there again. i love being in uncle monsterface so much. these guys are just incredible.

this song. is small and quiet. partly because i feel deeply tired (not is a bad way, just in a "doing lots and lots" sort-of way which is not at all mutually exclusive from songaday itself). but this song is mostly because i had a quiet song in me today. i felt it in there all day. certainly not a stone-cold rocker nor new wave sensation. but nice. and would have been impossible without the new proper keyboard. which is real nice.

okay. sleepy. thanks for coming to the show if you did, or we missed you if you didn't and come to the next one.

i like to make songs.

Friday, February 04, 2005

songaday volume 3 #4

for the kids in the gym here is: sweatpants (for gabe)

hey wow and holy canolis. 13 hour workday. and then make a song. but then! go to the bar.
i love beer.

i love making songs.
this song is silly and crazy. for the last several days i have remained committed to trying to make the songs pretty simple and straight-up. this was the first time i think that really happened. as of right now, i like it.

okey dokey. i'm real tired. come and see uncle monsterface (the new rockband i am in) rock massart tomorrow, feb 5, at massart's N175 (alternately N181). show starts at 7:30. we rock around 9.

i sleep now, then make a song for you tomorrow. please tell me what you think, sign up for the mystical rss.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

songaday volume 3 #3

meow for the: kittens
(for lucas)

okay, hi the songs are already weird. i don't think there is a hit single yet. but i like 'em.

what should i tell blogville about?
wellity, there is a magical rss feed dealy now. the rumor is that if you control-click on it, it'll make the magic things occur. further rumors imply that these "magic things" are bright neon with rainbow ribbons trailing behind them. they sing songs like songs from gramophones except as sung by unruly drunks on the train.

i recommend that you try a solid bludgeoning before bed.
and that you tell me what you think of songs.

talkin bout my.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

songaday volume 3 #2

dee-da-dum, here is: clever disguise
i think i am still getting the stink feet proverbially "wet."
um, some of the high end stuff is kind of harsh. i'll try to fix that...anyone know a good way to fix that? in peak or digital performer?

well. so what is funny, or let's say "interesting," is that this song is sort of glommy and serious. or something. i guess it's just that it's is about loss and deception. and i think at the least the newspaper article and to some extent popular notions lean toward the idea that i write mostly "jokey jingles." and i can very clearly see where that impression comes from. i mean, i write some pretty silly songs. and this song was not written to prove otherwise. it just came out. the point is, it seems to me that i make lots of these weird little overwrought ditties. and i like these, too. and does anyone notice that they are about glomminess? i'm sure we'll also see our fair share of robots, vampires, and bears (so please stick around for those shennanigans if that is what you are waiting for), but it felt worth noting. at least internally. and now externally.

so. this one. was tough again. i am overwhelmed with new technology. i keep going into the process very excited. and remaining so. but it is taking longer than i remember it. because i think the speed starts to pick up as i go. i really wanted to use the olde drum machine and olde keyboards for this one. and it wasn't coming together. and then i took a whole other stab and liked this. i am rambling almost completely incoherently tonight...hmmm...and it's only #2.


anyways, see you tomorrow.
oh yeah! my cute blog buddies ( captain blog steve garfield and ryanne ) went crazy and got me all set up with an RSS thinger before i could do it right. so right now the link is in ryanne's comment from volume 3 #1. i'll try to make the button go, too. or whatever the thinger is and does. i get the vague sense that it has racing stripes and a pit team.

wiggity mackity wordup.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

songaday volume 3 #1

here we go: volume 3 theme

i like to think that this first song keeps with the standing tradition of the first one being overly ambitious and somewhat cumbersome.
which leads us neatly into what's exciting: if i didn't already call you or e-mail you or you or you weren't drawn here because of it:
this is the exciting boston phoenix article about songaday!
so neat and awesome. so many big thanks to mr mike miliard for helping to support my irrational efforts.

so - this one was tough. it is difficult to start up again. perhaps some amongst you may note that by now it is technically february 2. technicalities are bunk here. as was established with volume 2, my days are defined by my sleeping schedule. and my sleeping schedule is godawful in its finest hours. first time around i tried to use midnight and it nearly destroyed me. (perhaps it DID destroy me...who can sayyyyyy...?)

i think this song maybe shares a lot of characteristics with the latter-day volume 2 songs (which makes sense). i like the lyrics in the middle. by the way, people sometimes say they can't understand whatever the hell it is i'm saying. whatever you are guessing is probably better, but if you ever want to know i'm more than happy to divulge...

the things (gadgets, doodads, and googaws) i didn't know i would get to help but suddenly got are as follows: a pair of super good listening headphones and a nifty midi keyboard. i should explain: throughout volume 2, all of the keyboard parts were played on my actual macintosh "keyboard." you know, the thing you type words on. if it wasn't clear already, i like certain limitations...but that one became a bit silly. so just today i got a proper keyboard that makes me able to play forty-nine black and white keys. overwhelming and exciting. the super-good headphones are a fair step forward from the taped together ones that i bought at south station. movin on up.

okay. i'm excited to be back at it. please leave comments. please go look at a million other blogs or vlogs or glogs or bjournals. please bring me a juicebox on your way back, and ignore my smelly feet.

as has been suggested by blogville (bjournaltowne) i'll try and get an RSS feed going on this here thinger...

songaday again.

ps: i forgot to mention that this marks the first divergence from the orginal "songaday" melody. i just got tired of it. i already made 4 songs with it... so somehow this one became like a spy song. a robot badger spy song.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

songaday volume 3 begins february 1

hi and hello.
there is a vicious rumor that a nice fellow at the the boston phoenix has written a thinger about my songaday. if that is the case - yay and awesome and thanks mike miliard!

so, if you are new to marty's songaday: welcome. and double welcome to olde friends. here is the deal: for 30 days i make one song every day and then post it here in my fancy bjournal. i did it twice before, june-july ; october - endofoctober. if you'd care to see songadays volumes 1 & 2, simply scroll down. as has been previously stated, there is a link to the left posing as an "index." it only applies to volume 1 due to my lazy butt and the things that are attached to it.

ayup. here we go again pretty soon.
what has changed since last songaday 2? i will be using new software (hopefully) that brings a lot of stuff together. in volume one i just recorded tracks into the computer. usually drum machine or casio drums and toy instruments. and vocals. in volume 2 all of the music was done in the computer via computer synth and samples and drums(all in the program reason), and then i would record vocals (vocals generally had to be recorded last due to mixed-up methodologies). towards the end i discovered the ability to do a little more processing with the vocals. before that, it was all straight-up layers, no vocal reverb or nuthin. hopefully this time i'll have the ability to do any of that in any order... drunk with power i will make terrible songs.

and the other big change is that i am in a rocking rock band now called uncle monsterface. no web site yet, but soon at the obvious url. ( it is great. come see us on thursday january 27 at kennedys near park st and emerson or saturday feb 5 at mass art. several songs from songadays past have become uncle monsterface hits, like : you're not safe (chocula) (vol 2, day 23) or lionfist journey (vol 2, day 6) and there are lots of other new songs and puppet shows and it is great.

okay! new songaday soooon!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

still not songaday

scroll right on down for songadays.
the link to the left that poses as an "index" is deceptive. it is only volume 1. i'll work on that.

currently all worked up with the new rock band, uncle monsterface.
it is incredibly fun.
hopefully soon you'll go to and be delighted by colors and sounds.

there is a new song on - my xmas song.
expressing my overall distress with this yesr's xmas. and my love for whiskey?
hopefully that site will get a big overhaul, too.
otherwise i've been drawing and doing crazy stuff with puppets.

but i've got the itch.

i'm thinking february.

volume 3.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

update (notnewsongaday)

scroll down a bit to hear songs that i made every day for awhile.

just a bit of an update:
i am thiking february for songaday volume 3.

largely due to the new rockband - uncle monsterface.
me and two other swell fellows, we are playing many songs that were born on this very blog, and still others songs as well. it is exciting.

we premiere at zuzu cafe in central square cambridge tuesday december 7. on a bit late - 10, i think.

then we play again at the espirit de corps basement at 44 green st in jp on december 11. this one will probably be a bit more performance rock-based.

and lastly, go and see the extraordordinary ryan hodson's (of the lobster building video fame ) new video blog at
it rocks

yay, and yay, and i miss you songaday.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

songaday volume 2 #30

one more time for the kids songarepriseagain (count)

finishing, i think, like i begun. with an overly ambitious reprise that doesn't quite succeed but has a lotta heart. like songaday!

welp, volume 2 has been a wild ride. particularly this last week. it has been a crazy and rewarding struggle.

as a strange sidebar: right about when i began volume 2 i also began the final volume of stephen king's gunslinger series. now, say what you will about mr king's writing prowess (lord knows i have), but i've been with these books since i was twelve. and this final volume was with us throughout this songaday. and i loved it. filled with heart (like our RED SOX!).

so, big thanks to everyone and anyone who ever listened ever. of course. i'm not done. i'm addicted to this crazy idea and will do it agin. but give me a bit to recover again, you know. recover and rediscover some other interesting set of instruments or bits of knowledge that'll help make the next one feel new and good, too.

so, this blog is on hiatus. i'll update it periodically as relevant things occur, and then i'll start 'er up again soon enough.

but for now, i need a break.

have the greatest hallow's eve ever.

big big love. big big yay.

(october 30, 2004)

Friday, October 29, 2004

songaday volume 2 #29

wellity here goes house all red (already)

by dumbledore's beard that's a dark song. and the first and only song made in the morning. because i have to run to work and then right to a party rock show at 217 lamartine in jp near stony brook that YOU should come to. this song was not done with halloween intent, it just came out. and it's all dark and stuff. and that's a'okay! i have been really kicking myself in the lyrical pants lately, really trying to work stuff over. that may sound like a joke, since a large part of this song consists of me saying,"paint can," but it's true. since "sock puppet" i've really wanted some stuff that at least had some more lyrical girth in my own head.


gots to work, gots to rock. one more to go, can't believe it!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

songaday volume 2 #28

world series championship rock and roll presente sea of key

it has little to nothing to do with baseball. okay, maybe some. but i made up a baseball song at the fun rock show last night before the sox won. and then they won and then we ran around screaming. and that was after i played songs, which was great, too. but the best was the magic-power ability to throw you arms up and have all cars and people honk.

i shared this magic time with my super awesome pal andy wade, who is the best. and tonight we got sushi. goodness abounds.

so since you didn't come to last night's show (probably), the secret show is tomorrow (friday oct 29) night. jp. 217 lamartine st. right near stony brook. big halloween basharoo. i play rock songs immediately after work. like 11pm or so. all are welcome.

by dumbledore's beard!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

songaday volume 2 #27

go go go here is: bunnicula homicide

yayfun. pretty straight up vegetable rabbit italian pudding style. more hallows weenieish, too. left work early to come make song (for you). go play rock show now(for two).


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

songaday volume 2 #26

by gum it's another song about birds: birds sigh

ayup, another song about birds, and it ALMOST wins longest (longest having actually been the first songaday of volume 2, laughably at just over 2 minutes. longest of both volumes is this is a spaceship , the classic volume 1 #2 ditty.). though this one sort of cheats with lots of reverb at the end.

this new one has a nicely curious structure. i am finding it tricky to make a song and be a roaring fair weather red sox fan. i make it happen. i summon the power of the jonnydamonbellhorn. it has +5 charisma.

what will be trickier is tomorrow night, when i play a rock show (9:30pm - great scott's in allston - be there to rock). i will be on at the same time as game 4. in a bar...interesting... moreover, i have to make a song at some point tomorrow. prrrobably after the show. yeeesh. so it'll be a late one. owww.

and we've almost made it to the dark tower (which is different but somehow eerily similar to both winning the world series and finishing songaday).

i am a big red sock.

Monday, October 25, 2004

songaday volume 2 #25

for everyone who was in fake blood, and for everyone who saw fake blood, here is: shake that boogie (man)

i've said it before: i don't know if that song is any good, but it sure as hell was fun to make. i think we can plainly state that we have another halloweenie song on our hands. and another one of about twenty of these with the bloody a-b-a form. i think with a bit more time i could make this one pretty fierce. or with the inimitable talents of the rockingest halloween ghost band ever, fake blood featuring boo!

i like the fact that in the first verse it sounds like i said "there's a porno up in the attic." or maybe it doesn't sound that way, but i just want it to. at any rate, i intended to say "portal." instead of porno. go on. say it. "p-o-r-n-o" once again, both work.

i get excited for ghost day. it is great.

happy ghost day, don't eat the baby!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

songaday volume 2 #24

go: sock puppet

right now i'm not in love with it. that might change. i wasn't loving chocula yesterday. and now i'm listening to it and thinking, "hey gosh damn, chocula rules." so who knows?

you know!

this was very hard to make.
i like that at first it sounds like maybe i'm saying "sock puppy." which is fine by me.

i'm sleepy.

red sock puppet,

Saturday, October 23, 2004

songaday volume 2 #23

ayuh. i made this song a'called you're not safe (chocula)

another kooky number.
once again i have more to say but am in a rush.
i love the song i made yesterday.
i have to go to an early halloweeny party. i am going as a sock puppet thanks to my friend joy who helped me make my dream a bizarre reality.

don't forget - i play rock and roll on weds the 27th at great scott's. early slot. bring your rock boots.

rock boots always on.

Friday, October 22, 2004

songaday volume 2 #22

so, it would appear as if i made a song called don't eat the baby

this started innocently enough.
i have more to say, but i have to go do a thing and a thing on a bike and a thing.

don't eat the baby!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

songaday volume 2 #21

songsongsong is: every day mind

tied with littleball for shortest song! i think it IS actually the shortest, because there is some lag at the end there. unlike littleball (and several others), though, i feel like this little ditty is completely complete. made to be the 56 seconds that it is.
this was fun. i feel like it breaks quite a bit with the way i've been writing. which is fun.

and fun is fun.

here are some words i wrote down to give me ideas for today's song:
water lily
bus station

wait, that isn't true. i didn't do that.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

songaday volume 2 #20

out the auto window: the broken line (you are not alone)

soooo. sox won... i am the greatest fairweather fan of the gestalt ever. but it is hard to make a song and watch baseball at the same time....(sorry, big j, i am what i am).

at any rate...i set out to make a different song. and maybe i did. i lack perspective at this juncture. i set out saying, "simple drums. simple melody. simple song." and arguably, it is. but it's not, at least not to me right now. it is much more convoluted than i intended. yet i like it again. it just feels like this songaday is so very diferent from the last. i feel like the changes are so gradual. but i can't tell... crrrrazy... i keep waiting for another clocks . but that is silly.

it is just that so few of these volume 2 folken feel like songs i'd want to play live. but is that a bad thing? speaking of which -i'm still playing at great scott's on the 27th. come and see and let me know if you have any requests even if you can't come and see.

yay and love and rock and sox.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

songaday volume 2 #19

for my very olde friends from the ka-tet of nineteen: eyes wide open

there is no connection to the stanley kubrick film that i have never seen.
as a point of reference - this song is a true story. autobiographical. i suppose many of them are. in a way all of them, even. but this one is enough so that i felt like mentioning it.

man, these songs have been all swoopy and lofty, lately. where's the stone cold rockers? eh, what're you gunna do? this one i was particularly okay with letting it do whatever the hell it wanted to. i thought a lot less about structure than usual and just did it. built up a poop load of tracks and then used something of an intriguing subtractive process. and who cares a lot?

okay, this is a crazy aside - yesterday's song. the sentence about chicken little was the last thing i wrote. a total afterthought. i did not have chicken little in mind when i wrote that song. and then i listened back to it. and well, there a rooster and cartoon music all over it. crazy undermind.


there's no such game as super lion king.

Monday, October 18, 2004

songaday volume 2 #18

greeeeowr, here's: laugh it up (keep on reaching)

picture chicken little trying to save what he believes is real.

songaday is officially taking a lot out of me. this is the crazy zone. i can't quite see the finish line yet, you know? but i'm feeling good about the songs, despite the strain (because of it?).

if ever there was a songaday that merits more attention, it was this one (at least to my mind). okay, there's probably been lots...but i just wanted to keep working on it. i couldn't stop a'fussin about with it. i'd like it to be a smidge longer. but it is tricky to decide that after you've been working on it for 2 hours with these crazy computer tools i'm using. which, not surprisingly, i haven't stepped away from (in the begining i said i could if i wanted to) and doubt i will (unless for an impromptu out-of-tune guitar poker singalong songaday).

but yay.
songaday is yar and yay and yarrington von yayski.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

songaday volume 2 #17

look up and it's : from high above

sometimes songaday feels like thanksgiving. in point of fact, this song didn't take the longest to make by any stretch of the imagination (oddly trio was probably the most laborious thus far), but it was just this long focussed session. and it was fun. and then there is this small thing that only lasts a minute. i eat fast. but i love forever.

yet another song about perspective. sometimes it feels like i always write about time or perspective. goodness gracious knows i think about them very often. and the two are both grumpy cousins who don't get along with anyone else in the family. and they wear plaid. and i suppose i write kooky narratives, too. and being wistful. and glonky. and sprangly. and dromply. you tell me.

this song is some kind of technotronic mayheminski. and that sure is that. boomboomboom.

so, does anybody else know how fun the video game donkey konga is? you hit drums in order to play. so good. a golden age for weirdo video gamers (like me). i need a blog dedicated to that stuff.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

songaday volume 2 #16

today brings us to: rinky dink huroney (does the jittery skidoo)

another character narrative weirdy dealy. also another song inspired by a drawing-doodle rather than a wordy doodle. not finished at 4am, which is nice. i still feel sick, but only medium sick. which is the hardest for me to deal with, because i don't feel bad enough to force myself to rest, but then when i play i get all extra sicky. and it is double-weird, because it is light fever sick, which just makes the world double-weird. and could explain the last few songs (though probably not, when one looks at the bigger picture).

drinking juice with a chicken puppet for a hand while missing the scavenger hunt!

songaday volume 2 #15

hi and here is fight the giant eye

okay. this is crazy for way more reasons than just the subject matter. i am not big on tooting my own horn of adversity. but here is the deal: as predicted this song got made at 3am (approaching 4 - glad i set the new rule of "my day" rather than the "clock day"). and with good reason. work (which is completely insane) was 11 hours, starting at 10am. and then straight to poker night. and though i have nothing but love for poker night and my poker night pals, i think we would all agree that we had some crazy-weird bad mojo flowing amongst us tonight (despite markwood's greathearted and bearlike hero efforts). nothing mean or really bad, just all weirdly frazzled up for us normally super poker pals . on top of that, i have a cold and a crazy fever (which probably didn't help poker or my workday). on top of that again, markwood wrote a super-riff that we were gonna make into today's impromptu awesome songaday about poker that would have ruled. but then we didn't, because i needed a ride (hopefully said riff will be revisited in a future-soon songaday).

so then i go and make some kind of ridiculously ambitious songaday. i don't know if it is any good, and i am sure that it is fever-induced (it is about fighting giant eyeballs), but it was pretty large scale both vocally and musically. and secretly i wrote music for a whole other song that i abandoned before i made this one (i do that a lot for this here songaday volume).

so there. i tooted my horn.

please toot my horn.
i need sleep.
and orange juice.
and hugs.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

songaday volume 2 #14

marty and jimmy made super cave

you heard it right. volume 2 #14 marks the second ever songaday collaboration, this time through with none other than the extraordinary (and extraordinarily filthy) james bernardinelli
it was way fun, i love my jimmy. (the first songaday collaboration from volume 1 #29 being crazygood with dan brennan )

for the curiously curious -
i composed the drums and a teeny speck of the melody. then james played everything else. then we couldn't get his computer to record vocals or else you'd hear him yelling, too, so i took the song home and tracked vocals. but the vocals were all nice and written with the jimmy. (one of the mny things i love about jimmy is that i said,"i think this song is about a grapefruit and a psychic in an underwater underwear cave playing the super nintendo," and he said,"AWESOME!") the vocals took a record 11minutes to track. awesome. this was great fun, i love my jimmy so. there is a crazy rumor that this duo may turn into a rocking band. stay tuned fearless folk.

annnnd: tomorrow will be crazy. i won't bore you with details, but it looks like i won't get a song made until 3am or so. so just warning you. which means there won't be much yelling, because even i find it impolite at that hour.

monster face.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

songaday volume 2 #13

and the little bird sings

i think it is safe to say that at about mid-way through songaday volume two i am officially all over the map. this one was great fun to make, but who is to say if it will be great fun to listen to? you are! something else that has made this songaday unique to the first has been my lack of an immediate sense of whether or not i particularly like a song. interesting.

of note: this song features a rare move for me in the form of a verse chorus repeat. i'm usually too lazy or self conscious to do that. harumph.

it is the same little bird i sung about before, if anyone is keeping track. but he is in a way different song now. this little bird has appeared elsewhere in my universe of stuff i make. this universe is becoming densely populated, and would like a comic book story to tell some of its tale. balogna the bear lives there now. there on watermellon isle.

news from the front is that i will be playing a rock show on october 27 at the fabulous great scotts in allston. exciting news.

by gum!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

songaday volume 2 #12

for the spaceship serenity here is hearts in space

another wistful shorty. so much for the gritty shorty of yesterday. i gotta go back to that gritty. i really like doing songaday.


Monday, October 11, 2004

songaday volume 2 #11

welp. here is the iridescent trio

let it never be said something. okay. this is a very curious one. horrifying? it will grow on you? easily a "halloween" song, which is odd in and of itself. moreover, it took me forever to get this one going (and i'm-none-too-sure about what i finally settled on). i tried many serious and high-minded ideas with all sorts of complicated and not-so-working drum things. so i tried the opposite thing. which ended up being about a skeleton, monkey, and bear who play loud cacophonous songs on village hilltops. the featured instrument is skeleton. i think that they think that they are most welcome, though i am not so sure that this is always the case. it is mostly just the lovable yet awfylly drunk hobos who welcome them and join in on their songs. but for all the trio know, every towne is completely made up of lovable drunk hobos. regardless, if you see them, it would be wise to just give them some macaroni and sing along.

so yeah: it was tremendously hard to get today's song done. the results were sort of crazy fun and i-don't-knowish (glowish?). but that is the same thing that happened last time with eleven song . (that song has gone on to become one of my least favorites, but a big favorite of some excellent and discerning friends...) moreover, i set out with a pretty serious premise in mind. i loved bologna the bear, but i felt pressed to get something more "weighty" off my chest. shows what i know. he's a heavy bear. and i'm pretty sure it's balogna who plays the keyboards.

in hindsight, it needs a jug. a ghost jug.

coming to your village very soon,

Sunday, October 10, 2004

songaday volume 2 #10

it would appear as if i made a song called bologna the bear

i sure do like a good long weekend. and do you know what else i like? a bear named bologna. he wears golden armour and protects the smaller mammals. it is in the cosmic design. i think.

finding things, doing things, not cleaning my room.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

songaday volume 2 #9

hi howdy here's rise up (little balloon)

our bodies are robo-machines with balloons inside them.

yay for fall.

Friday, October 08, 2004

songaday volume 2 #8

today i have been bippin around

another very simple one. i keep trying things that i don't usually try that may or may not seem that way. it is hard to be very objective about the songs i make every day. but then this one ends up sounding simple and sweet. and i like it. it is how i like my days best. when i am jusy "bipping around," doing this and that. i had several false starts because i had too much time on my hands today while i was bippin around. they weren't exactly false, just not-quite-right-right-now.

how are YOU today?
it is nearly fall.
as a point of reference, at this point in songaday volume one, i made passing a vastly different and all-too-rare style of song for me.

thanksabunches for listening. wish me luck at yon poker night.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

songaday volume 2 #7

proceeding alphabetically from lion to little ball

big shoes to fill, i really like yesterday's.
and if i thought i was tired yesterday, i was also right. now i am more tired. but instead of the song sounding opposite, it sounds like i'm tired. it is nice. i'd been wanting to do something with a bit of a repeated mantra and i always get too self conscious or else some other idea creeps in. well, one other small and related idea crept in here. but this song feels relatively small and quiet (for me). which is how i feel right now (not at all in a bad way). sometimes it's just what you want to do.

and tomorrow i sleep in in the deep snuggle cold. i love it. deeply.

thanks to all the all sorts of folks who've been leaving comments here and elsewhere, it makes it feel super great that you are listening. both praise and criticism (albeit constructive) are always welcomed.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

songaday volume 2 #6

nummmber six is lion fist journey

i am certain only of the fact that its name rules. the first song made while i was significantly tired. i don't really think it sounds like it though, other than the fact that it is pretty kooky. but they are all pretty kooky, and who am i kidding, right? relatively instrumentally sparse (by my standards, in that there is only one and not 7200 melody instrumets). fun. new wavey? i don't even know anymore....

sleeeeepy. marrrrrty. who requested a katamari damacy song? i love you. i will try to make it so. that is what captain picard always said. he would say, "i love you. katamari damacy." eerily prophetic. and i love star trek. songaday #6 from volume one was a song called don't wanna see made when i was grumpy. i'm not grumpy this time, just sleepy.

any way you want it.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

songaday volume 2 #5

i am many things, but i ain't no train

this song qualifies for grossest begining ever. totally gross. weird and funny. interesting and odd. no subject matter left unturned! ayup.
i am getting antsy with this a - b - a2 formula that i keep falling on, so you might see me consciously try and muck that up a bit in the days to come.

it is well worth noting how very very different songaday feels to me this time through. still great, just way different. i definitely feel some momentum starting up again, but these songs feel less isolated. they feel like they are closer brothers and sisters to one another than the previous lot feels or felt at the time. whether that will remain true remains to be seen, and perhaps that is only in my brain.

i write about trains a lot. funny, that.

choo choo!

Monday, October 04, 2004

songaday volume 2 #4

hey norm, let's go to the alphabeat

yay. i like this one. and at first, i didn't like. so i trashed approximately (and literally) about 40 vocal passes until i found something i liked. special thanks to the mae for convincing me to poke harder at my singing thinkings.

this was great fun. i don't know if i'll like it tomorrow, but i sure do like it now.

okay. ayup.
so how's everybody doing out there in songaday world? draw any dinosaurs lately? you played katamari damacy yet? go play it! it transcends videogamedom! i'm hungry!


Sunday, October 03, 2004

songaday volume 2 #3

here is it is on

well, i don't know if it is good, but it sure was a fun one to make. i'm tired and giddy with tiredness, so that made it go from being a chore to being fun.

have i told you about the video game katamari damacy? it is the greatest video game ever. go get it if you own a playstation 2. i should write a song about it.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

songaday volume 2 #2

here is the second song called imtention

i like the name because i did it by mistake and now it is a better name and a more interesting song. short and nice. i like it, i think.

HI! welcome back to songaday! i am marty, and i am happy and crazed and unnerved to be back at it. it still hasn't quite sunk in that i'm going to have to make 28 more songs.

so i think i already laid out any new rules a few posts back before i started, but i just wanted to mention what has changed a bit in terms of how i'm making these here songs. i got a nifty new computer robot program that lets me use a lot of sampled string and percussion instruments and some quirky effects and lots of control over sounds, so that's the stuff you're hearing so far (and my voice). so far it lends itself to people saying,"sounds like the polyphonic spree" which is fair enough (and unintentional, coincidentally) and makes sense because i listen to them lots lately. but it'll probably start to get all crazy. (or is it all crazy? i never know...) who knows? at any rate, it is awesome having all of these new and nifty sounds at my disposal, but that certainly doesn't mean i'm not allowed to use any of the good ole casio keyboards and so forth if i'm moved to do so. it's songaday, so whatever it takes to get a song made.

yeeee haw.
let me know what you think about songs!

Friday, October 01, 2004

songaday volume 2 #1

okay. omigod.
here it is:
here we go again (songaday volume 2 theme song)

wow. yeesh. done in 2 hours. not even sure what it is. a little cumbersome and glommy. i like the begining. yay! let's do it again! lots to say about new songaday, but i'll say it tomorrow because i have to rush to play poker. wish me luck. let me know what you think.

yay yay agin and again.

Monday, September 27, 2004

i will begin volume 2 on october 1

songaday volume 1 index is right here

very excited.
new fun sounds.
songaday volume 2, 30 more days of songs that i make every day, begins october 1,2004. tell all the kids. straight through to the devil's evil holiday.

the new rules: songs must be completed in "my" day, and not the day as determined by the clock. so i CAN finish after midnight, if i must. songs must be done in a day. no cheating this time. (last time i said i was allowed to cheat and "stack" songs, doing more than one in one day. i stopped allowing that after about 7-8 days, and i don't want to do it this time. it is just more interesting to see what happens when i make myself make a song in a day.)

once again, i'll try not to get all crazy at myself if some unforseeable evil stops me from making my song, but i will sure as crap do my bestest.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

several lost songs in one day

once again: if you are here just looking for songs click here for songaday volume 1 index

so i know i said i'd try for september for songaday volume 2.
but now i know it's going to be october one, as suggested by several nice people at a bar the other night. which will finish up very nicely just before halloween debauch (doing another 30-day stint).

BUT! in the meantime, get in on the ground floor and go check out 7 songs that are basically new to you at:
lost songs from the last year with handy index and nifty comments.

okay. see you back here (all together too) soon.

everything is gonna be okay.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

video a year

the video is made!
here is the lobster building video at the amazing and awesome ryan hodson's web site.
yay, it came out so great. i am very most excited.
more songadays soon!

big lovemarty

Saturday, August 28, 2004

yeeeeesh...still not songaday

if you are here for the first time and just want to hear some songs, click here for a quick reference of the first set of songadays these songs were made one every day from june to july or so, and i plan to start up again as soon as humanly possible.

man, am i lazy or what?

i'm getting excited and prepared to start songs again.
the idea is this: that i want to accumulate some new tools to have at my disposal before i start the next songaday session. basically some new sounds. i want each set (the next will definitely be another 30-day set) to have some sort of "distinction," even if it is only in my mind.

but in the meantime! as was mentioned, i am working with the awesome ryan hodson making a video for lobster building which is coming out amazingly and will hopefully be ready soon soon soon.

and apparently that very lobster-song has appeared on zbc recently due to nice steve garfield or Captain Blog, as i prefer to call him.

and i have started making a few new songs, though i haven't posted anything yet. i am on vacation from real life work this week, so there will be much fine relaxation along with a whole bunch of project-oriented stuff, family visits, and a fun trip to an island in maine - all of which has its hand in leading up to the next session of songaday.

and last week i saw prince AND the polyphonic spree for extreme rock fun time. so good.

okay and yay.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


at the urging of an unnamed and unnameable colleague, i am posting to the "bjournal," despite the fact that i still have not begun songaday again. i am torn about this, and almost want to leave this space as ground for only songs, but i believe rock-music related updates are also relevant.

so: to that end...i have not made any songs since songaday. very interesting. since that time i have been on some kind of "recharge" mode. which has been pretty great. i have toyed with the idea of releasing songaday as a little cd. but in the end i think i want to do a somewhat more fleshed out cd that has some of the songaday songs (unrevised). i also want to use some of the songs that pre-date songaday (like pets ) and there are one or two more that haven't been made yet. then i will call the cd "everything is okay."

and then also i am currently working on a video for an older song i did called lobster building
i am working with the cool cats at moov lab , in particular the super awesome video dynamite queen ryan hodson.

and what of the next round of songaday?
the urge is growing and i am shooting for some time in seeptember. the only problem is a backlog of other "projects" i currently have going (including making the above-mentioned cd). but i have some time off from work leading into september, so hopefully i can get somewhat caught up.

okay - be nice and good and i'll come back with more songs soon!


Monday, August 09, 2004

notasongaday (yet again)

still not making a song every day yet again.
soon soon.
if anyone is still looking here, i finally updated the
songaday index page

i hope to start up again in a month or so.
in the meantime i hope to make a cd out of some of the songaday material and other stuff, too.
please let me know if you have a favorite songaday that you simply must see on the cd.

back soon enough.

Monday, August 02, 2004

notsongaday again (yet)

no new songaday yet.
but it is getting ready to bust open again. i need to do some other chores and write a few other songs first. i'd expect to start up again perhaps in september...

but! i do have another show:
i am playing another rock show
august 5th with Building Press, Gold and Polaris Mine at
the Midway in Jamaica Plain

they tell me i'll be on at 9:30.
in all likelihood there is some sort of a cover...
the midway is over near forest hills. right next to doyle's. come
on now, you know it!

Monday, July 26, 2004

song a day #30

all filled with mixed emotions:
songaday (reprise)

welp. hottdamn, there it is. obvious? self-referential? blungdingum?
all these things, yes.
and, i think, appropriate.

and of course this last one had to be late. sorry, i knew it would happen and couldn't be avoided. it was that or totally cheat or get up at 6am. i think you all understand the choice i had to make.

so, when i started i said i'd do it for as long as i could. it quickly became apparent that the 30-day mark (the same that i did with sock puppet-a-day) felt like the right thing to do. i also said i wouldn't beat myself up if i didn't get songs done, and it would be okay if i stacked songs in one day and blah blah blah. well, all that changed to an obsession with actually making a song every day. and the experience has been awesome. completely incredible with a wonderful response. thanks for the support to anyone who has or will listen/comment/chat/e-mail/anything.

and i can't wait for a break. and i am also sad. tomorrow, my brain will be confused when it doesn't have to make up a song. the reason i was late tonight is that there was a huge cuminating event where i work, too. a coincidence of culminations that was totally unplanned. and suddenly, as the song says, everything has changed.

i absolutely plan to do this again. but not immediately. if you already get e-mails from me, you'll hear about it. if you don't, let me know. in fact, please let me know any thoughts. it is extremely gratifying to know that people are listening and to find out what they think - so please e-mail me for any more info or with questions or stories or song ideas anything at

speaking of which, keep an eye on my web site , which is where i will post any new songs. i definitely owe a few certain indivuduals their own songs. and i promise to make them soon, sorry they didn't pan out to be a part of songaday. the people were too great to be thought about in a single day.

and i will update the woefully out-of-date index asap.

so: thanks a wicked lot for listening to me.
i'll come back.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

song a day #29

the kids like to rock with:
the crazy good

okay. so for the second-to-last songaday i've done something special for my olde friend, songaday. i dressed up my song and gave it seventeen dollars so that it could get new socks. which is to say, today's songaday features the first (and in all likelihood the only-unless-something-very-surprising-happens-tomorrow) songaday guest rocker: DAN BRENNAN. you hear mr brennan not only rocking the fresh guitar licks (a first appearance of said instrument for songaday) but also as the producer type of fellow on this song. employing some nifty tricks he makes this song sound all cool and crazy as recorded in his fancy and amazing rock studio. i like to pretend that it is playing while you are swimming and at the begining you come up and at the end you go back under. that's the fancy studio magic pool.

it is called "crazy good" because those are the two single words that were mysteriously written on the piece of paper in front of me as i tracked the vocals. there is another, probably more obvious name for this song that i will leave up to you to decide.

i am a bit nervous about tomorrow's song, not only because it will be the last of these first thrity, but also because i have to work at least a 12-hour day tomorrow starting at 10am. so i am not sure when it will get done. i will try my best (as the song says) to get it posted before midnight, but it just might not happen ( i always have tried to get them up before midnight every day). but i'll at least post at some point in the wee hours of tomorrow (unless the DNC traps me at my work. there are helicopters everywhere!)

okey dokey finokeys!
be as safe as you can while marvelling at the craziness during this upcoming week of madness...
one more to goooooooooo

Saturday, July 24, 2004

song a day #28

today's song is:
I Ain't No Vampire

funny and decidedly less dense than recent endeavors. another small and modified thingy i used to read out loud. i like it. i think i've decided i like all the songadays. even "pak a jing." okay, maybe not elevensong...

yay. thanks for listening. almost there.

Friday, July 23, 2004

song a day #27

for self referntial afficiondoes:
love jamboree (for you)
dedicated to everyone who has listened to any of my songadays so far or ever.

fun and crazy.
does "afficianadoes" have an "e"?

getting excited and sad to finish. to set the record straight: i know at one point i said "i will do this for at least 30 days or as long as i can." or something to that effect. well, 30 days feels good at this point. i am definitely going to revisit this idea. but i want there to have been a bit of change in my method for recording and the instruments at my disposal, so that each incarnation of songaday is unique. my "pretend in my brain" plan is to try and do this twice a year. summer and winter. so in ten years i'll have amassed 600 songs. crazy. maybe maybe not. depends on lots of constraints and the will of the futuremen.

i'd like to talk about those limited means and methods for a brief moment. as an artist, i am a fan of limitations and constraints. as such, i have a weirdly limited collection and vocabulary with my musical abilities and instruments. but i like that. and i'll be excited to watch it change. so for songaday, i've been using (primarily): a casio sk-1 teeny weeny classic sampling keyboard, a yamaha psr-12 (found in the trash, the same model i took two weeks of hated keyboard lessons with when i was 10. without a power source, i use the ac adapter from my zip drive that always falls out), red skull my famous drummer drum machine (dr-770), a huge pile of toy instruments (xylophones, accordion, fluteys, mouth harps, etc etc), whatever is around me, my voice, and my supercomputer (whom i love deeply). i don't use any effects, unless it occurred in the drum machine. no vocal manipulation, just layers. no midi, just me. um, what else? this has clearly become for my own benefit... oh! where noted, the kawasaki (!) digital percussion machine. more stuff, too.

ayup. okay. 3 more to go!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

song a day #26

the home stretch unearths:

i don't know if this song is good, but i know it was fun to make. which is rather amazing, as i went into today's song thinking ,"ug crap damn. i am tired like a filthy beast of tired and i just want to sit on my bum and watch aqua teen." but then the song became very fun. such is the occasional majesty of songaday.

i want to talk more about the fun show. what was super best was how much i got along with the other performers. it was just wonderful energy. the senator whatley was three nice boys (one of whom was the band "artist." ) and two foxy go-go dancers(one of whom was extra nice and offered to be my magician's assistant). before the show i drank beer with the boys and they were funny and nice and we made up stories about dead people and then they played fun songs. and then somewhere along the line the awesome and enthuisiastic shellshag popped up. these folks were in from san fran, and they were just good folks. and you know what? their rock songs kicked ass. awesome. and what is great is i think we all enjoyed each other's rock. yay! mutual self congratulation! it was just fun, you know? my set felt like the best yet and i loved playing a few of the songaday songs. and there weren't a ton of people, but everyoone who was there was awesome and fun and enthusiastic. i had the big fun.

also the cotton ponies played. but i didn't really meet them or get to listen to them too much. i'm sure that in all likelihood they are not murderers. that's a nice thing to say when you don't know anything about someone, right?

okay. omigod. i only have 4 more to go. this is getting crazy. i know i really need to update the index, which has something like only 11 of them. but i'm sooo tired. and, also, never forget to just scroll down if you're new, skip my babble, and listen to each song i've made every day for the last 26 days...

it is crazy. it has slipped by...time is slippy.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

song a day #25

for xmen fans:
what warren said

a little curiosity. i am very sleepy. or tired. there is a difference, i suppose. i am not sure that i like this one. but maybe i do tomorrow.

so: the show was awesome. completely great. i will write more about it when i don't feel like falling over and smell so much like the haymarket alleys. but it was great. way fun. if you weren't there, come next time. if you were, bigtime thanks.

okay and yay and bathe and rest