Thursday, July 08, 2004

song a day #12

today's song is called:

again, feeling only so-so about it. perhaps a byproduct of moving towards the middle as routine sets in. i remember feeling similarly when doing a sock puppet a day. once the feeling of unquestioning commitment sunk in, the puppets started to hit this plateau after a neat spike. a similar creative experience may be happening here. also, my life just became far less mercurial. maybe i'll go back to these songs i don't like so much some day and love them best. or maybe not.

again, there are neat little things i like in it. and unlike last night's ("eleven"), this one was very fun to make. it's just not the most thrilling little ditty. but it has a niceness, and it went relatively fast. it somehow feels like looking at this very fragile little song inside of a very fragile little glass box that is perched on a delicate satin pillow snugly atop a big rock in a scenic but disconcerting green field...

it may well be the first song that has no electronic instrumentation whatsoever.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I take issue with your comment regarding your song "mailcall":

"it may well be the first song that has no electronic instrumentation whatsoever."

Mr. Allen, I lived through the seventies, eighties AND early 90s, but I am pretty sure- almost certain in fact- that there were songs sans electronic instrumentation before you came along. So, get off your high horse.

-A Stranger

P.S. It's Jesse.

P.P.S. The damndest thing about this song? I was all "TCH! I didn't get no mail today- Oh no wait, I DID!" which is pretty damned prescient of you if you ask me.