Monday, July 12, 2004

song a day #16

today is:
where are my teeth?

okay. exciting day.
song first: i think about this stuff all the time. we lose hair, fingernails, let go of poop and pee. but all this stuff is and/or was a part of me for at least a while. skin comes and it goes, you know? it's just crazy to me. all this stuff makes us up. and then it isn't us. it's trash. where do you draw the line? would i still be me if i was just a finger...or spinnne? i'm not explaining well because i'm too excited.


because tomorrow is the new THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ALBUM - the spine. they are my most favorite ever, so it is big time exciting (for me).
now - you can download it immediately from them here: TMBG along with the companion "the spine surfs alone."
and of course i did. and what is great is that the lion's share of the money goes right to them, as it is an artist owned and operated site. so i battle between the two me's. one who wants immediate gratification, and one who wants nice packaging (you get to LOOK at the packaging via the download with a nice pdf. but i am a TACTILE man...). the ferocious and frothy immediate gratification wins (and it doesn't hurt that the nice jons make more money this way). it just remains to be seen whether or not the frilly and pickled consumer whore in me will still take control and get me to buy the nice packaging, too. moreover, the awesome CORN MO is touring with them now. and he is the best and my nice friend.

i still haven't even listened because it is my reward after songaday.

OKAY! AND! i did my laundry and went food shopping. AND AND
i am playing a show! on july 20. somewhere. the allston pan. or plan! exciting (thanks DEB)!
more details to come, Bjournal listners are the first to hear. but it will be awesome and differenter than the last couple of shows. i would like to play some songsaday - let me know what you want to hear. and then come to the show! and hear it! interaction!
now, how the hell do i get ready for a show while still making one of these damn things every day...? aw well.

there is even more news, too. but i have to go listen.

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