Monday, July 19, 2004

song a day #23

ahem. well:
trainfight (ninjafight)

ayup. that's what you get when i'm this tired. probably what futuremen will call "the greatest song ever." unfortunately in the future "great" means "wicked terrible." but, in an abrupt turnabout -and with the viral spread (or rampage) of a rampant new england spirit, "wicked" now negates any negative adjective following it,re-translating any description after it into "awesome."

i know, futuremen ARE crazy.

pay particular attention to the poor conductor guys at the begining. cuz that's who this song goes out to. the poor conductor guys who are always having to deal with freakin ninjas fighting on their trainroof. what a wicked pain in the ass.

the vocals might be a little physically painful to listen to because my mixing judgement is currently deeply impaired. so, um, turn it down.

and come see me play songs tomorrow.

the sleepiest futureman,


Anonymous said...

this one is good, i like it a lot. I think trains are quite strong as well as ninjas. it also depends on the time of day.

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