Thursday, July 22, 2004

song a day #26

the home stretch unearths:

i don't know if this song is good, but i know it was fun to make. which is rather amazing, as i went into today's song thinking ,"ug crap damn. i am tired like a filthy beast of tired and i just want to sit on my bum and watch aqua teen." but then the song became very fun. such is the occasional majesty of songaday.

i want to talk more about the fun show. what was super best was how much i got along with the other performers. it was just wonderful energy. the senator whatley was three nice boys (one of whom was the band "artist." ) and two foxy go-go dancers(one of whom was extra nice and offered to be my magician's assistant). before the show i drank beer with the boys and they were funny and nice and we made up stories about dead people and then they played fun songs. and then somewhere along the line the awesome and enthuisiastic shellshag popped up. these folks were in from san fran, and they were just good folks. and you know what? their rock songs kicked ass. awesome. and what is great is i think we all enjoyed each other's rock. yay! mutual self congratulation! it was just fun, you know? my set felt like the best yet and i loved playing a few of the songaday songs. and there weren't a ton of people, but everyoone who was there was awesome and fun and enthusiastic. i had the big fun.

also the cotton ponies played. but i didn't really meet them or get to listen to them too much. i'm sure that in all likelihood they are not murderers. that's a nice thing to say when you don't know anything about someone, right?

okay. omigod. i only have 4 more to go. this is getting crazy. i know i really need to update the index, which has something like only 11 of them. but i'm sooo tired. and, also, never forget to just scroll down if you're new, skip my babble, and listen to each song i've made every day for the last 26 days...

it is crazy. it has slipped by...time is slippy.


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Now this is funny ;)