Sunday, July 25, 2004

song a day #29

the kids like to rock with:
the crazy good

okay. so for the second-to-last songaday i've done something special for my olde friend, songaday. i dressed up my song and gave it seventeen dollars so that it could get new socks. which is to say, today's songaday features the first (and in all likelihood the only-unless-something-very-surprising-happens-tomorrow) songaday guest rocker: DAN BRENNAN. you hear mr brennan not only rocking the fresh guitar licks (a first appearance of said instrument for songaday) but also as the producer type of fellow on this song. employing some nifty tricks he makes this song sound all cool and crazy as recorded in his fancy and amazing rock studio. i like to pretend that it is playing while you are swimming and at the begining you come up and at the end you go back under. that's the fancy studio magic pool.

it is called "crazy good" because those are the two single words that were mysteriously written on the piece of paper in front of me as i tracked the vocals. there is another, probably more obvious name for this song that i will leave up to you to decide.

i am a bit nervous about tomorrow's song, not only because it will be the last of these first thrity, but also because i have to work at least a 12-hour day tomorrow starting at 10am. so i am not sure when it will get done. i will try my best (as the song says) to get it posted before midnight, but it just might not happen ( i always have tried to get them up before midnight every day). but i'll at least post at some point in the wee hours of tomorrow (unless the DNC traps me at my work. there are helicopters everywhere!)

okey dokey finokeys!
be as safe as you can while marvelling at the craziness during this upcoming week of madness...
one more to goooooooooo


Anonymous said...

Is this about homestar?

Anonymous said...


All the kids down here at the orphanage are rooting for you.

The one's who've heard of you, that is. Which was at last count none of them.

Today's song is kind of cool. Marty goes electric. After your lengthy post about what tools you've used to make these Song-A-Days, it's funny that this level of experimentation comes so close to the end.

Finish line's in site. I'll have a gatorade and mylar blanket ready for you.


marty said...

about homestar?
you are not the first to ask.

it was not intended to be so, at least not consciously. but i am a HUGE homestar fan. and i encourage people to find any and all ideas in my songs. and though that wasn't what i was expressly thinking about, i like that it gives the song a whole different idea.

and thank you, i'll have that gatorade now, please. seriously, that would be really good right now. i am SO tired.


Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)