Monday, July 26, 2004

song a day #30

all filled with mixed emotions:
songaday (reprise)

welp. hottdamn, there it is. obvious? self-referential? blungdingum?
all these things, yes.
and, i think, appropriate.

and of course this last one had to be late. sorry, i knew it would happen and couldn't be avoided. it was that or totally cheat or get up at 6am. i think you all understand the choice i had to make.

so, when i started i said i'd do it for as long as i could. it quickly became apparent that the 30-day mark (the same that i did with sock puppet-a-day) felt like the right thing to do. i also said i wouldn't beat myself up if i didn't get songs done, and it would be okay if i stacked songs in one day and blah blah blah. well, all that changed to an obsession with actually making a song every day. and the experience has been awesome. completely incredible with a wonderful response. thanks for the support to anyone who has or will listen/comment/chat/e-mail/anything.

and i can't wait for a break. and i am also sad. tomorrow, my brain will be confused when it doesn't have to make up a song. the reason i was late tonight is that there was a huge cuminating event where i work, too. a coincidence of culminations that was totally unplanned. and suddenly, as the song says, everything has changed.

i absolutely plan to do this again. but not immediately. if you already get e-mails from me, you'll hear about it. if you don't, let me know. in fact, please let me know any thoughts. it is extremely gratifying to know that people are listening and to find out what they think - so please e-mail me for any more info or with questions or stories or song ideas anything at

speaking of which, keep an eye on my web site , which is where i will post any new songs. i definitely owe a few certain indivuduals their own songs. and i promise to make them soon, sorry they didn't pan out to be a part of songaday. the people were too great to be thought about in a single day.

and i will update the woefully out-of-date index asap.

so: thanks a wicked lot for listening to me.
i'll come back.


Anonymous said...

If it were possible for me to have more esteem for you I totally would right now. Heck I think I do anyway, I'm feeling like an esteem engine. Now that its complete it can go on cd to work with me. yay love.

Anonymous said...

The end is the begining. An ouroboros. A gateless barrier. Flawless victory, and all that. I knew this one would be a reprise, and frankly, I would have been disappointed if you hadn't revisted the first song here.

As for the over-the-line nature of this last one, BAH! I say BAH! That is nothing. As someone once asked me about a 24-Hour-Comic where I wasn't quite done in the alotted time: "If it were a war, would it be called the One Day War?" I ask you, would your war be called the Thirty Days War? Hell yes, and your weapon of choice is music. The enemy? Not-music. And you totally won. They're signing treaties and everything. They're naming their children "Marty" now and plotting to overthrow you with clever economic ploys which, by the time they are enacted, you will be too long dead to suffer from.

You fought the good fight. And the winner was... The Fans!

You rock more than ever, Marty. Now rest, having finished a job well done.


Anonymous said...

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