Saturday, August 28, 2004

yeeeeesh...still not songaday

if you are here for the first time and just want to hear some songs, click here for a quick reference of the first set of songadays these songs were made one every day from june to july or so, and i plan to start up again as soon as humanly possible.

man, am i lazy or what?

i'm getting excited and prepared to start songs again.
the idea is this: that i want to accumulate some new tools to have at my disposal before i start the next songaday session. basically some new sounds. i want each set (the next will definitely be another 30-day set) to have some sort of "distinction," even if it is only in my mind.

but in the meantime! as was mentioned, i am working with the awesome ryan hodson making a video for lobster building which is coming out amazingly and will hopefully be ready soon soon soon.

and apparently that very lobster-song has appeared on zbc recently due to nice steve garfield or Captain Blog, as i prefer to call him.

and i have started making a few new songs, though i haven't posted anything yet. i am on vacation from real life work this week, so there will be much fine relaxation along with a whole bunch of project-oriented stuff, family visits, and a fun trip to an island in maine - all of which has its hand in leading up to the next session of songaday.

and last week i saw prince AND the polyphonic spree for extreme rock fun time. so good.

okay and yay.

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