Sunday, October 10, 2004

songaday volume 2 #10

it would appear as if i made a song called bologna the bear

i sure do like a good long weekend. and do you know what else i like? a bear named bologna. he wears golden armour and protects the smaller mammals. it is in the cosmic design. i think.

finding things, doing things, not cleaning my room.


Anonymous said...

I feel it! I feel the cosmos! Bologna is coming back! Between wonderbread with honey.

Anonymous said...

I will say what I have to say in this context: You have made in ten days mroe than I could hope to make in a year and nine of your songs are totally awesome, testaments to rock and roll majesty and island maidens. This song sucks.
I love you.

marty said...

yeesh. i can't wait to hear what you think of the trio. crazy hippy'll probably like it.

hey, that's songaday for ya!

Anonymous said...

yay. bologna. yay bees! i like it. i especially like the first "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in the long bologna. or aught it be spelled "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"? hm.
anyhow, what is that effect you put on your voice? it sounds like ... like... i bet it sounds the same to us as it sounds to you. it sounds like how one hears oneself. kinda echo-y but kinda not. i can't quite figure it out.
but my idea is this. no. first my question. my question is this... is it a rule that you have to produce your own songaday?
my idea is this... what would happen if someone else produced a song? or does this project not open itself to the fruits of collaboration?
anyhow.. i love it. and i love you. and ethan is wrong about this song.

Anonymous said...

This is the new winner so far.

Good gravy, that's hot!

Anonymous said...


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