Saturday, October 16, 2004

songaday volume 2 #15

hi and here is fight the giant eye

okay. this is crazy for way more reasons than just the subject matter. i am not big on tooting my own horn of adversity. but here is the deal: as predicted this song got made at 3am (approaching 4 - glad i set the new rule of "my day" rather than the "clock day"). and with good reason. work (which is completely insane) was 11 hours, starting at 10am. and then straight to poker night. and though i have nothing but love for poker night and my poker night pals, i think we would all agree that we had some crazy-weird bad mojo flowing amongst us tonight (despite markwood's greathearted and bearlike hero efforts). nothing mean or really bad, just all weirdly frazzled up for us normally super poker pals . on top of that, i have a cold and a crazy fever (which probably didn't help poker or my workday). on top of that again, markwood wrote a super-riff that we were gonna make into today's impromptu awesome songaday about poker that would have ruled. but then we didn't, because i needed a ride (hopefully said riff will be revisited in a future-soon songaday).

so then i go and make some kind of ridiculously ambitious songaday. i don't know if it is any good, and i am sure that it is fever-induced (it is about fighting giant eyeballs), but it was pretty large scale both vocally and musically. and secretly i wrote music for a whole other song that i abandoned before i made this one (i do that a lot for this here songaday volume).

so there. i tooted my horn.

please toot my horn.
i need sleep.
and orange juice.
and hugs.



Anonymous said...

the days pass so quickly in songaday time...
this song is fabulous. it is begging to be longer though.
if it were MY song... this is what i'd do...
at the end, i'd go back to the beginning and put in the "i know you're hungry... all that you want is a sandwich" part, and then i'd jump to "if you want a sandwich you gotta take it for yourself" and then i might be inclined to repeat that a few times before i ended it.
there are good reasons why i am not you, though.
i just want more of this song. i lobe it.
i hope you're feeling better.
tell hug beast to stop slackin' and do his job!

marty said...

thanks, great ideas. i really like this one, too.


Anonymous said...

this one is good. I enjoy this a lot. I listen and sing
-the sherif

Anonymous said...

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