Sunday, October 17, 2004

songaday volume 2 #17

look up and it's : from high above

sometimes songaday feels like thanksgiving. in point of fact, this song didn't take the longest to make by any stretch of the imagination (oddly trio was probably the most laborious thus far), but it was just this long focussed session. and it was fun. and then there is this small thing that only lasts a minute. i eat fast. but i love forever.

yet another song about perspective. sometimes it feels like i always write about time or perspective. goodness gracious knows i think about them very often. and the two are both grumpy cousins who don't get along with anyone else in the family. and they wear plaid. and i suppose i write kooky narratives, too. and being wistful. and glonky. and sprangly. and dromply. you tell me.

this song is some kind of technotronic mayheminski. and that sure is that. boomboomboom.

so, does anybody else know how fun the video game donkey konga is? you hit drums in order to play. so good. a golden age for weirdo video gamers (like me). i need a blog dedicated to that stuff.



Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see you're feeling better!
always a pleasure,

Anonymous said...

Okay, this one is definetly about katamari Damashii, for me at least.

marty said...

all things are about katamari damacy.
katamari damacy is about all things.

i can feel the cosmos.