Monday, October 25, 2004

songaday volume 2 #25

for everyone who was in fake blood, and for everyone who saw fake blood, here is: shake that boogie (man)

i've said it before: i don't know if that song is any good, but it sure as hell was fun to make. i think we can plainly state that we have another halloweenie song on our hands. and another one of about twenty of these with the bloody a-b-a form. i think with a bit more time i could make this one pretty fierce. or with the inimitable talents of the rockingest halloween ghost band ever, fake blood featuring boo!

i like the fact that in the first verse it sounds like i said "there's a porno up in the attic." or maybe it doesn't sound that way, but i just want it to. at any rate, i intended to say "portal." instead of porno. go on. say it. "p-o-r-n-o" once again, both work.

i get excited for ghost day. it is great.

happy ghost day, don't eat the baby!


Anonymous said...

lucas kept trying to find this song. he was looking everywhere for it!

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