Saturday, October 30, 2004

songaday volume 2 #30

one more time for the kids songarepriseagain (count)

finishing, i think, like i begun. with an overly ambitious reprise that doesn't quite succeed but has a lotta heart. like songaday!

welp, volume 2 has been a wild ride. particularly this last week. it has been a crazy and rewarding struggle.

as a strange sidebar: right about when i began volume 2 i also began the final volume of stephen king's gunslinger series. now, say what you will about mr king's writing prowess (lord knows i have), but i've been with these books since i was twelve. and this final volume was with us throughout this songaday. and i loved it. filled with heart (like our RED SOX!).

so, big thanks to everyone and anyone who ever listened ever. of course. i'm not done. i'm addicted to this crazy idea and will do it agin. but give me a bit to recover again, you know. recover and rediscover some other interesting set of instruments or bits of knowledge that'll help make the next one feel new and good, too.

so, this blog is on hiatus. i'll update it periodically as relevant things occur, and then i'll start 'er up again soon enough.

but for now, i need a break.

have the greatest hallow's eve ever.

big big love. big big yay.

(october 30, 2004)


Anonymous said...

(i haven't listened to the song yet. but i wanted to officially congratulate you first!)
songaday is an amazing undertaking, and an amazing feet. i like feet. i don't know how you keep making songs that are different. i think that if i tried to do songaday, i would make four songs,and then repeat them over and over again.
you take my breath away.
thank you for being wonderful. and thank you for sharing your wonder with the world. especially with my part of the world.
well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

yup. thank you.
it was a good ride!
and i love counting songs!

and i love you!


joliesworld said...

Marty, you ARE a genius...
i hope the outcome of the elections didn't shock you so much you really need a looooong break now...