Thursday, October 07, 2004

songaday volume 2 #7

proceeding alphabetically from lion to little ball

big shoes to fill, i really like yesterday's.
and if i thought i was tired yesterday, i was also right. now i am more tired. but instead of the song sounding opposite, it sounds like i'm tired. it is nice. i'd been wanting to do something with a bit of a repeated mantra and i always get too self conscious or else some other idea creeps in. well, one other small and related idea crept in here. but this song feels relatively small and quiet (for me). which is how i feel right now (not at all in a bad way). sometimes it's just what you want to do.

and tomorrow i sleep in in the deep snuggle cold. i love it. deeply.

thanks to all the all sorts of folks who've been leaving comments here and elsewhere, it makes it feel super great that you are listening. both praise and criticism (albeit constructive) are always welcomed.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know how Little Birdy you said you wanted to expand? I think this could use a similar expansion. I like the mantra (mantric? That sounds dirty) aspect of it, the sleepy aspect, but it needs a little more space to fulfill that promise and to, if I may, get its groove on.

(and sorry I keep referencing stuff from Volume 1; I'm not comparing stuff because I feel like the two volumes match pretty well, I just know SADV1 better and can more readily compare them).

This is Jesse, by the way.