Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Song A Day #4

this is getting intense.

here you go:
Pedestrian Song

so: please note - i am doing these once a day. then i write a bunch about them. so scroll on down for more songs and skip my blather.

to the blather:
11:30 again. hey, i made it. i work at a job all day and stuff.

this is getting weird, too. so, i was starting to get nervous about the fact that all my songsaday were nice and structured. and i felt like i hadn't done maniacal crazy drum programs for a while. and there you have it. the text comes from an OLDE written piece that i used to do as a story or poem or spoken word or whatever. along with a bunch of other stuff about jim morrison and brooms, under the title "the broom loomed." something i was pretty fond of, but i don't think much of anyone else was. hey, that's what matters, right (me being fond of it, i mean)? maybe the rest of the text (morrison and such) will appear at some point, i am thinking of mining a lot of OLDE material for NEW songs. i mean, damn, i gotta make one a day hear.

is anyone listening?


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Song A Day #3

Word up, new song:
circle saw the star

it is about a circle seeing a star. and not knowing what to make of it. and then tellling his friend the square about it. who is funny and likes sandwiches.

this song makes me think of andy wade, because he makes sandwiches and loves them ( i think possibly more than me, even). he is the king of that (and many other things). he isn't a square, though he is funny. but later i will make him his own song i think, because he deserves it.


Monday, June 28, 2004

Song A Day 2

This is going to be tricky, this making a song every day thing.

Here's Song #2
This Is A Spaceship

Luckily there aren't legions of fans waiting. But I made it before tomorrow!

Some Song Explaining (please don't read if you prefer to draw your own conclusions)
This Is A Spaceship is about being little and playing GI Joes. More specifically, it is what I would have made had I had the ability to make songs when I was 8. Moreover it is about "what if?" pete and I had gotten to play GI Joes when we were little. Moreover still, it is about two awesome little boys who i took care of for a short time named sam and max. they didn't really play GI Joes - but they are VERY good at playing guns(and everything - they are awesome).

These statements beg bigger questions about the nature of war games and their effect on children and such. Bugger them. I loved my GI Joes. I had an elaborate Ninja Wrestling federation that would only band together around the mutual threat of an invading He-man or Transformers figure (the Vissionairres were giant-men from another wrestling circuit...same for Bionic Six).

And sometimes my brothers would wrap my GI Joes in toilet paper (their spaceship) and light them on fire (the sun). And it is about that, too.

Wow. What a crazy day.

Big love to AMY MAE for giving me the ALF doll you see above. And again to The Awesome Steve Garfield for tons of help and guidance in my first blogging days.

and henceforth it isn't called a blog.
it is a bjournal.


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Song A Day 1 Part 2

Nice Steve Garfield suggested that I link right to the song!
He is right!
(and wicked helpful - bigtime thanks to him.)

Click this: Song A Day 1
for a direct link!

i think that's how I'll do it from now on. I just hope I can incorporate the picture of ALF into the blog. and the little phones...

"I'm a people alien! HA!"

Song A Day 1

it is on!
i think...or i hope...
i am still figuring out some of these bloggy logistics and such, but i have begun to make a song a day.

check out the first song, Song A Day

so that is the first one, and it is pretty self-explanatory. it simply salutes the nature of this song-making experiment.

but allow me to digress and lay out my own set of rules along with some back story (this is mostly for my own benefit, but please feel free to read on about my convoluted thought processes):

last year, i made a sock puppet a day for 30 days. it was great. hopefully at some point or another i'll post those, too. after finishing that, i really wanted to make a song a day. but my resources were limited. now i have built them (the resources - they are chiefly made up of reserves of snack cakes), and so here i go. but when i was doing a sock puppet, i would go crazy if i missed one. which i never did (almost, though. one night i shot out of bed at 3am and grabbed my glue gun). but the thing is, making a song is a bit trickier. so as the first song says, "i'm gonna try my very best..." i believe i have the creative resources, but problems could stem from being simply unable to be at my computer and instruments. i do have to visit my family and work a lot and stuff and stuff.

so here's the deal:
1. i am trying to make a song every day. i'm not sure for how long. at least 30 days (or the traditional "month," as it were) these songs are self-contained and made in one day.
2. if that doesn't happen, i will try to do "make-up" songs as much as possible. worst case, if i have to i may use an older song that took more than one day as a make-up. but all of those were pretty quick and quite recent, too.
3. if i fall behind, i won't get upset (well, i'll get kind of upset. but i'm trying to head that off here). but i can't fall behind TOO much, and hopefully won't at all.

really, these are just personal rules, but i need to set them so that i don't get all mad at myself.

lastly, if you're out there reading or looking or listening, please let me know. if you are my friend or other. if you think it's a great idea but you hate my songs or any permutation thereof. i want to hear from people of the world.

and other lastly: if you don't have a fast enough connection to download any of my songs, let me know via e-mail ( ) and i will try to send you a burnt cd. i want everyone who is interested to hear my songs.

great great great.
future posts will maybe probably just be about that very days songs, or other song-realted news.


Friday, June 25, 2004

soon i will make a song a day, for now i am learning to make my blog work

hi hello. i am marty. i make lots of things, but lately i've been making a lot of songs.

i am going to make one song every day for (at least) 30 days.

i have never made a blog, so that is new. it sounds like it is something that a wizard would do. he would have +10 dexterity.

by way of figuring things out, i am posting the link to my web site.
if that worked, we are totally ready to rock. i might cheat and use some of those songs on my site (there are only 5 or 6) as songs of the day down the road. but if i do, i'll somehow "enhance" them, like a gi joe tiger space repaint.


time to make blog go!