Monday, July 26, 2004

song a day #30

all filled with mixed emotions:
songaday (reprise)

welp. hottdamn, there it is. obvious? self-referential? blungdingum?
all these things, yes.
and, i think, appropriate.

and of course this last one had to be late. sorry, i knew it would happen and couldn't be avoided. it was that or totally cheat or get up at 6am. i think you all understand the choice i had to make.

so, when i started i said i'd do it for as long as i could. it quickly became apparent that the 30-day mark (the same that i did with sock puppet-a-day) felt like the right thing to do. i also said i wouldn't beat myself up if i didn't get songs done, and it would be okay if i stacked songs in one day and blah blah blah. well, all that changed to an obsession with actually making a song every day. and the experience has been awesome. completely incredible with a wonderful response. thanks for the support to anyone who has or will listen/comment/chat/e-mail/anything.

and i can't wait for a break. and i am also sad. tomorrow, my brain will be confused when it doesn't have to make up a song. the reason i was late tonight is that there was a huge cuminating event where i work, too. a coincidence of culminations that was totally unplanned. and suddenly, as the song says, everything has changed.

i absolutely plan to do this again. but not immediately. if you already get e-mails from me, you'll hear about it. if you don't, let me know. in fact, please let me know any thoughts. it is extremely gratifying to know that people are listening and to find out what they think - so please e-mail me for any more info or with questions or stories or song ideas anything at

speaking of which, keep an eye on my web site , which is where i will post any new songs. i definitely owe a few certain indivuduals their own songs. and i promise to make them soon, sorry they didn't pan out to be a part of songaday. the people were too great to be thought about in a single day.

and i will update the woefully out-of-date index asap.

so: thanks a wicked lot for listening to me.
i'll come back.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

song a day #29

the kids like to rock with:
the crazy good

okay. so for the second-to-last songaday i've done something special for my olde friend, songaday. i dressed up my song and gave it seventeen dollars so that it could get new socks. which is to say, today's songaday features the first (and in all likelihood the only-unless-something-very-surprising-happens-tomorrow) songaday guest rocker: DAN BRENNAN. you hear mr brennan not only rocking the fresh guitar licks (a first appearance of said instrument for songaday) but also as the producer type of fellow on this song. employing some nifty tricks he makes this song sound all cool and crazy as recorded in his fancy and amazing rock studio. i like to pretend that it is playing while you are swimming and at the begining you come up and at the end you go back under. that's the fancy studio magic pool.

it is called "crazy good" because those are the two single words that were mysteriously written on the piece of paper in front of me as i tracked the vocals. there is another, probably more obvious name for this song that i will leave up to you to decide.

i am a bit nervous about tomorrow's song, not only because it will be the last of these first thrity, but also because i have to work at least a 12-hour day tomorrow starting at 10am. so i am not sure when it will get done. i will try my best (as the song says) to get it posted before midnight, but it just might not happen ( i always have tried to get them up before midnight every day). but i'll at least post at some point in the wee hours of tomorrow (unless the DNC traps me at my work. there are helicopters everywhere!)

okey dokey finokeys!
be as safe as you can while marvelling at the craziness during this upcoming week of madness...
one more to goooooooooo

Saturday, July 24, 2004

song a day #28

today's song is:
I Ain't No Vampire

funny and decidedly less dense than recent endeavors. another small and modified thingy i used to read out loud. i like it. i think i've decided i like all the songadays. even "pak a jing." okay, maybe not elevensong...

yay. thanks for listening. almost there.

Friday, July 23, 2004

song a day #27

for self referntial afficiondoes:
love jamboree (for you)
dedicated to everyone who has listened to any of my songadays so far or ever.

fun and crazy.
does "afficianadoes" have an "e"?

getting excited and sad to finish. to set the record straight: i know at one point i said "i will do this for at least 30 days or as long as i can." or something to that effect. well, 30 days feels good at this point. i am definitely going to revisit this idea. but i want there to have been a bit of change in my method for recording and the instruments at my disposal, so that each incarnation of songaday is unique. my "pretend in my brain" plan is to try and do this twice a year. summer and winter. so in ten years i'll have amassed 600 songs. crazy. maybe maybe not. depends on lots of constraints and the will of the futuremen.

i'd like to talk about those limited means and methods for a brief moment. as an artist, i am a fan of limitations and constraints. as such, i have a weirdly limited collection and vocabulary with my musical abilities and instruments. but i like that. and i'll be excited to watch it change. so for songaday, i've been using (primarily): a casio sk-1 teeny weeny classic sampling keyboard, a yamaha psr-12 (found in the trash, the same model i took two weeks of hated keyboard lessons with when i was 10. without a power source, i use the ac adapter from my zip drive that always falls out), red skull my famous drummer drum machine (dr-770), a huge pile of toy instruments (xylophones, accordion, fluteys, mouth harps, etc etc), whatever is around me, my voice, and my supercomputer (whom i love deeply). i don't use any effects, unless it occurred in the drum machine. no vocal manipulation, just layers. no midi, just me. um, what else? this has clearly become for my own benefit... oh! where noted, the kawasaki (!) digital percussion machine. more stuff, too.

ayup. okay. 3 more to go!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

song a day #26

the home stretch unearths:

i don't know if this song is good, but i know it was fun to make. which is rather amazing, as i went into today's song thinking ,"ug crap damn. i am tired like a filthy beast of tired and i just want to sit on my bum and watch aqua teen." but then the song became very fun. such is the occasional majesty of songaday.

i want to talk more about the fun show. what was super best was how much i got along with the other performers. it was just wonderful energy. the senator whatley was three nice boys (one of whom was the band "artist." ) and two foxy go-go dancers(one of whom was extra nice and offered to be my magician's assistant). before the show i drank beer with the boys and they were funny and nice and we made up stories about dead people and then they played fun songs. and then somewhere along the line the awesome and enthuisiastic shellshag popped up. these folks were in from san fran, and they were just good folks. and you know what? their rock songs kicked ass. awesome. and what is great is i think we all enjoyed each other's rock. yay! mutual self congratulation! it was just fun, you know? my set felt like the best yet and i loved playing a few of the songaday songs. and there weren't a ton of people, but everyoone who was there was awesome and fun and enthusiastic. i had the big fun.

also the cotton ponies played. but i didn't really meet them or get to listen to them too much. i'm sure that in all likelihood they are not murderers. that's a nice thing to say when you don't know anything about someone, right?

okay. omigod. i only have 4 more to go. this is getting crazy. i know i really need to update the index, which has something like only 11 of them. but i'm sooo tired. and, also, never forget to just scroll down if you're new, skip my babble, and listen to each song i've made every day for the last 26 days...

it is crazy. it has slipped by...time is slippy.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

song a day #25

for xmen fans:
what warren said

a little curiosity. i am very sleepy. or tired. there is a difference, i suppose. i am not sure that i like this one. but maybe i do tomorrow.

so: the show was awesome. completely great. i will write more about it when i don't feel like falling over and smell so much like the haymarket alleys. but it was great. way fun. if you weren't there, come next time. if you were, bigtime thanks.

okay and yay and bathe and rest

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

song a day #24

the butter

some folks will recognize this from days gone by. i used to read it out loud in front of people. that was fun, too. this is very different, but also fun.

okay, i have to go play a rock show now.

you should come!
i am playing the thing or place called
"the plan"
1222 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, MA (Corner of Harvard &
Comm.) You can take the B-Line to the Harvard Ave. stop.
Tuesday July 20

WITH: Senator Whatley, Shellshag and the Cotton Ponies
Starts at 9 and I should be on early.
18+, something something for the cover.

it should be interesting. i plan to use some of the songaday

(it is getting close to the end, which feels strange and sad and exciting...)

Monday, July 19, 2004

song a day #23

ahem. well:
trainfight (ninjafight)

ayup. that's what you get when i'm this tired. probably what futuremen will call "the greatest song ever." unfortunately in the future "great" means "wicked terrible." but, in an abrupt turnabout -and with the viral spread (or rampage) of a rampant new england spirit, "wicked" now negates any negative adjective following it,re-translating any description after it into "awesome."

i know, futuremen ARE crazy.

pay particular attention to the poor conductor guys at the begining. cuz that's who this song goes out to. the poor conductor guys who are always having to deal with freakin ninjas fighting on their trainroof. what a wicked pain in the ass.

the vocals might be a little physically painful to listen to because my mixing judgement is currently deeply impaired. so, um, turn it down.

and come see me play songs tomorrow.

the sleepiest futureman,

Sunday, July 18, 2004

song a day #22

listen up and get down to:
making tracks

getting a little crazy getting ready for a show and still making these things. and the songs are getting a bit odd...
another largely astructual nugget, this one featuring the vast return of the beloved squonched philly hit teamed up with the premiere of the all-powerful rocktopus hhorn machine.

just remember: "a paperclip in the night sky is assuredly a bad omen."
pretty weird stuff.

i'm hungry.


Saturday, July 17, 2004

song a day #21

for popular consumption:

not to be confused with products.
yesterday i said there were 9 to go.
that is actually true today.

do you read the things my friend andy wade writes? i don't often enough, and everyone should. i just caught up. he is a beacon of hope to me. Dr. Andy Wade's Journal

should i explain this song? it is a curiosity, and it was done way fast. about 45 minutes. which is a testament to...what? i dunno... that i'm getting good at making songs fast that i don't really know whether or not i like. this marks the first time i had a few drinks before my song, too ( i can that be right..?yet it is..). which is surprising, because it seems like i drink a lot. but i guess maybe not. i mean, i'm not frothy drunk (nor am i a frothy drunk), i just had a few pints, you know?

so, i think i achieved the astructural ethic, at least.
okay - i'm gonna explain a bit. but really, it must be said, my whole damn arty ethic is that you get what you want out of my stuff and that's all valid and blah blah blah, you know? but this one is curious and interesting (to me, anyhow), so REALLY only read if you are interested in what i was thinking about. and i urge you to listen before you do so, and draw your own conclusions first.

perhaps it is self-explanatory. it is called "logos." thinking about corporate logos and my love/hate relationship with them and graphic design in general. but it is a triangle with three points. the second point is thinking about the greek notion of "the logos," which is a root for the idea of theology. this over-arching tao-like idea from the pre-socratic greeks that i really liked. sort of this underlying thread dealy ( look up "the logos" if you are particularly interested, i won't over-explain. or write me and ask...) on and beyond and onto the third point of the triangle, we have theo huxtable from the cosby show. he wore shirts. equilateral. and there it is, i guess. i don't know why i felt compelled to explain that.

bye thanks

Friday, July 16, 2004

song a day #20

very frustratingly:

computer froze halfway through. had to re-record all vocals. very frustrating. sometimes such things are an opportunity. nope. it doesn't sound as good. but i gots to go to poker. ah wellity.

i thought of this song while wondering about different mechanisms that we ignore out of habit or need. it has potential. nine more to go, rock show on the 20th.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

song a day #19

and now we have:

my server has been up and down today. so if you try to get songs and can't please try again.

this song: again with a similar structure, but i like this one, too. still thinking about time. always thinking about crazy olde time. and thyme. last night i used oregano in our burgers. good stuff.

yeepy jeepy i'm sleepy.

jingle jangle.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

song a day #18

eight teeeen =
star parade

an unusual sweet-slow-sad lullabye. i was tempted to subvert it and make it the same except "a parade of SARS." still stuck in a similar structure as many others, though. it is a very workable structure, i guess. i started something else all crazy and astructural and it was making me sleepy and then i made this pretty quickly. the root melody i have played a lot for a long time and will probably revisit. i think i like this one. anything is better after yesterday's turd. note: if you only listen to one song a day, let it not be "pack a jing. " ah well, such is songaday. does anyone out there have a favorite? my right now is the one about my teeth a few days ago. i love trollblazing and little birdy, too.

some things:
other stuff i was excited for the other day - my friend jimmy is super amazing. me and my other friend, big j (also amazing), are lucky enough to do the voices for his amazing cartoons. the new one just came out - check it out at: Big Castle Productions i am the little blob named marty. "the passion of the kingdom rebels." beautiful brilliant filthy crazy. i love my jimmy. he also did some work for troma that just got released as a special feature on dvd. i am the voice of the robotic dildo. all amazing. go and see.

and then also a little more about songs:
when i started i was adamant about not feeling guilty if i couldn't get a song done in any day. for the first few days i was "stacking songs," working on a few in one day in case there was a crazy day. i stopped letting myself do that and have been utterly obsessed with simply making one song in that day. well, it's my nature to obsess over some stuff, so i've remained committed. and i plan to do so until day 30. then i will be taking a break. i definitely want to do it again, probably soon. it is great fun. making one song every day is magic, but it also predetermines my day and stifles some of my social life. eh, who needs a social life anyways?

and one more thing: i am so excited about the new tmbg. at first i didn't know what to make of it. i woke up today craving it (and smiling at andywade on my couch - YAY!), and now unbridled love for THE SPINE. i want to play the song experimental film for so many of my friends! and there is a video for that on homestar, but i don't feel like typing that link - but everyone knows homestar...

thanks for listening, scroll down for lots more, i'm playing on the 20th at the allston plan, let me know what you wanna hear and then come and hear. phew. long post...


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

song a day #17

Pak a jing

a new low, or high? song done in 30 minutes. and it shows. thanks again to the ridiculous kawasaki drum machine. and pete and wade. who when i walked in said ,"your new song is called 'where is my packaging?'" i changed it because i like to imagine that pak a jing is a little man i lost in my closet. i think these are my worst lyrics yet, which is an accomplishment.

more on the morrow. bigtime rush in a busy busy day.
show on the 20th. rock rock rock.


Monday, July 12, 2004

song a day #16

today is:
where are my teeth?

okay. exciting day.
song first: i think about this stuff all the time. we lose hair, fingernails, let go of poop and pee. but all this stuff is and/or was a part of me for at least a while. skin comes and it goes, you know? it's just crazy to me. all this stuff makes us up. and then it isn't us. it's trash. where do you draw the line? would i still be me if i was just a finger...or spinnne? i'm not explaining well because i'm too excited.


because tomorrow is the new THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS ALBUM - the spine. they are my most favorite ever, so it is big time exciting (for me).
now - you can download it immediately from them here: TMBG along with the companion "the spine surfs alone."
and of course i did. and what is great is that the lion's share of the money goes right to them, as it is an artist owned and operated site. so i battle between the two me's. one who wants immediate gratification, and one who wants nice packaging (you get to LOOK at the packaging via the download with a nice pdf. but i am a TACTILE man...). the ferocious and frothy immediate gratification wins (and it doesn't hurt that the nice jons make more money this way). it just remains to be seen whether or not the frilly and pickled consumer whore in me will still take control and get me to buy the nice packaging, too. moreover, the awesome CORN MO is touring with them now. and he is the best and my nice friend.

i still haven't even listened because it is my reward after songaday.

OKAY! AND! i did my laundry and went food shopping. AND AND
i am playing a show! on july 20. somewhere. the allston pan. or plan! exciting (thanks DEB)!
more details to come, Bjournal listners are the first to hear. but it will be awesome and differenter than the last couple of shows. i would like to play some songsaday - let me know what you want to hear. and then come to the show! and hear it! interaction!
now, how the hell do i get ready for a show while still making one of these damn things every day...? aw well.

there is even more news, too. but i have to go listen.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

song a day #15

today i made:

this one reminds me of peter. because it is about sharks, and he is always dreaming of them and with them. i asked him today what my song should be about, and this wasn't his answer. but i guess it was. this song feels a bit like a shark dream.

this one was fun, but hard. it was the hardest it has yet been to "get going." though it should be said that usually i have a finite window of time in which i can work on the song - typically i give myself two hours. but today i have a nice lazy sunday before me with no real big plans. chores i should do, but maybe my brain is tricking me into being irresponsible (not a hard trick). there were about 3 false beginings, which never happens.


okey dokey. if you have a blog or journal or whatnot and want to mutually link, please let me know. a few folks have indicated as much, and i am happy to link (and also to triforce).


Saturday, July 10, 2004

song a day #14

pontricate (until the evening frindles)

don't forget that i do one of these every day, so scroll past my blather to see the others (sorry, there is still a weird problem with the "index" to the left, i'll fix it asap).

another oldish scrap of writing. this one was particularly scrawly, and i remember when i wrote it it made me think of my friend mr nat nathaniel deerslayer bumpkins. he lives far away in california and i miss him often. i believe that he is notorious for pontricating until certain evenings would frindle (and often past their frindling and on into their bindling).

what is interesting (to me, anyhow) is that it feels like a "sister" to yesterday's song, much in the same way "passing" and the song after that felt.

i found the scrap in my laundry.

i have to go to work (poop), i won at poker last night!

please leave comments if you have thoughts - it helps me do this!


Friday, July 09, 2004

song a day #13

today's special:
please look

i like this one for now and today. based off of an older piece of writing and much trunkulatedomated.
fun to make.
i wanted to make all crazy layer of vocals but it kept saying ,"NO!"

and there you have it.

i am off to play poker!


Thursday, July 08, 2004

song a day #12

today's song is called:

again, feeling only so-so about it. perhaps a byproduct of moving towards the middle as routine sets in. i remember feeling similarly when doing a sock puppet a day. once the feeling of unquestioning commitment sunk in, the puppets started to hit this plateau after a neat spike. a similar creative experience may be happening here. also, my life just became far less mercurial. maybe i'll go back to these songs i don't like so much some day and love them best. or maybe not.

again, there are neat little things i like in it. and unlike last night's ("eleven"), this one was very fun to make. it's just not the most thrilling little ditty. but it has a niceness, and it went relatively fast. it somehow feels like looking at this very fragile little song inside of a very fragile little glass box that is perched on a delicate satin pillow snugly atop a big rock in a scenic but disconcerting green field...

it may well be the first song that has no electronic instrumentation whatsoever.



Wednesday, July 07, 2004

song a day #11

song #11 is called
fittingly enough.

here's the deal. i make one of these every day, so i guess they won't all be good. ha (like alf laughs)! i don't know, there are charming spots. all of these songs are like my ugly ugly babies. and i love them. but i love this the least, and it is the ugliest. i threw it in the trash. (ha!- alf, again...) but somehow after an exhausting game of capture the flag my brain thought it would be smart to do a country song with a bad rap in the middle. i don't know, i don't come up with this stuff. its the management.

trollblazing was a tough act to follow. let's think of this as cleansing the gullet. it's gullet, right?

odd facts surrounding this song - it was unintentionally finished at 11:11pm by my computer clock. when i first tried to mix it to disk, it chopped the song down to an eleven-second clip. twice. and this never happens. no explanation. having such wishy washy feelings about the song, i strongly considered posting the 11-second version.

but i like the rap.

thanks for listening if you are,

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Song A Day #10

this song is called:

so, yup, i made a song called trollblazing. somehow fitting for the tenth. once again, a song that reminds me of andy wade. i'm sorry, it just keeps happening. and i have every intention of making a song about him, too. so there. he is an inspiring fellow.

it feels good and exciting to be at the 10th song a day. like there's no turning back now, baby. squeezed it in at 11:08 after a long hard day where i only wanted to drink beer, but then i was like, "eff this, i gots make my sowwwng!". and i did. phew. that was another close one.

i would like to take a small moment to thank the nice and kindly folks who've been encouraging and commenty (OH! you know who you are!). it is nice and helpful. it is also nice and helpful if you are just out there listening, too. but let me know what you think or that you are out there and it helps a lot, too.


Monday, July 05, 2004

Song A Day #9

number nine:
you know everything

some odd similarities to "passing" from yesterday, but somehow more frantic and jittery. and not quite as good. or it doesn't seem so just now - you be the judge. and jury. and tiger farmer.

i'm grumpy.

special thanks to the super awesome "kawasaki digital percussion" machine, which i unearthed while switching rooms with pete. it is solely responsible for the ridiculous dominant melody.

as i upgrade bandwithy magic points, the mp3s will be going down in the next two days.
so if you are here and trying to listen, and the site is all,"whatevah," then come back later. and it will be all ,"awesome."

i loved the new harry potter movie, i want to see it again.

tiger farmin (not troll-blazin, though i tried),

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Song A Day #8

today is the famous independence day. happy freeness.

here is today's song:
a very different tone, i kind of like this one.
i guess it is thinking about time slipping away, watching things change. it was a strange recording method, all clangs and clunks.

today for the fourth, pete and i will hopefully finish switching rooms. there is stuff everywhere. none of it is hot dogs and beer and fireworks. it is all papers, books, and action figures. my walls (soon to be pete's walls) are dirty and my stuff is buried.

i definitey have to upgrade my bandwith in the next few days, so the mp3s may all disappear for a short period.

hooray for freedom and stuff.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Song A Day #7

GAH! bjournal is being a pain in the ass and not publishing...

making a song a day is now one week olde!
here you go:
Allen Ginsberg's Left Leg

this is a particularly strange one, and i really don't know what to make of it. but i think when i'm making a song a day i need to surrender to the songs and not care so much if they are awesome. i think the best thing about this song is the term "troll-blazing," which frankly deserves a song of its own. thanks for listening, and please let me know what you think and tell other people if they like songs, too.

i have suspicions that i may have to upgrade my bandwithy stuff soon. which may complicate things for a day. i'll try to keep you posted. plus, also, i'm switching rooms with pete. but i'll still make one song every day!


Friday, July 02, 2004

Song A Day #6

Yippy Skippy:
Song #6 =
don't wanna see

i think that this is my pretend version of british pop.
i'm not sure what to make of it, but i'm early today because i don't have to jobby. yay.

look what i can do!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Song A Day #5

n u m b e r FIVE!

little birdy

it is about a little bird.
one line is,"his basketball ISN't a tree," even though it sounds like ,"his basketball IS IN a tree..." well, either way, i suppose.

rock rock rock.
i think that this song is almost awesome and i can't quite make it fully awesome. but that's okay.