Monday, September 27, 2004

i will begin volume 2 on october 1

songaday volume 1 index is right here

very excited.
new fun sounds.
songaday volume 2, 30 more days of songs that i make every day, begins october 1,2004. tell all the kids. straight through to the devil's evil holiday.

the new rules: songs must be completed in "my" day, and not the day as determined by the clock. so i CAN finish after midnight, if i must. songs must be done in a day. no cheating this time. (last time i said i was allowed to cheat and "stack" songs, doing more than one in one day. i stopped allowing that after about 7-8 days, and i don't want to do it this time. it is just more interesting to see what happens when i make myself make a song in a day.)

once again, i'll try not to get all crazy at myself if some unforseeable evil stops me from making my song, but i will sure as crap do my bestest.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

several lost songs in one day

once again: if you are here just looking for songs click here for songaday volume 1 index

so i know i said i'd try for september for songaday volume 2.
but now i know it's going to be october one, as suggested by several nice people at a bar the other night. which will finish up very nicely just before halloween debauch (doing another 30-day stint).

BUT! in the meantime, get in on the ground floor and go check out 7 songs that are basically new to you at:
lost songs from the last year with handy index and nifty comments.

okay. see you back here (all together too) soon.

everything is gonna be okay.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

video a year

the video is made!
here is the lobster building video at the amazing and awesome ryan hodson's web site.
yay, it came out so great. i am very most excited.
more songadays soon!

big lovemarty