Saturday, October 30, 2004

songaday volume 2 #30

one more time for the kids songarepriseagain (count)

finishing, i think, like i begun. with an overly ambitious reprise that doesn't quite succeed but has a lotta heart. like songaday!

welp, volume 2 has been a wild ride. particularly this last week. it has been a crazy and rewarding struggle.

as a strange sidebar: right about when i began volume 2 i also began the final volume of stephen king's gunslinger series. now, say what you will about mr king's writing prowess (lord knows i have), but i've been with these books since i was twelve. and this final volume was with us throughout this songaday. and i loved it. filled with heart (like our RED SOX!).

so, big thanks to everyone and anyone who ever listened ever. of course. i'm not done. i'm addicted to this crazy idea and will do it agin. but give me a bit to recover again, you know. recover and rediscover some other interesting set of instruments or bits of knowledge that'll help make the next one feel new and good, too.

so, this blog is on hiatus. i'll update it periodically as relevant things occur, and then i'll start 'er up again soon enough.

but for now, i need a break.

have the greatest hallow's eve ever.

big big love. big big yay.

(october 30, 2004)

Friday, October 29, 2004

songaday volume 2 #29

wellity here goes house all red (already)

by dumbledore's beard that's a dark song. and the first and only song made in the morning. because i have to run to work and then right to a party rock show at 217 lamartine in jp near stony brook that YOU should come to. this song was not done with halloween intent, it just came out. and it's all dark and stuff. and that's a'okay! i have been really kicking myself in the lyrical pants lately, really trying to work stuff over. that may sound like a joke, since a large part of this song consists of me saying,"paint can," but it's true. since "sock puppet" i've really wanted some stuff that at least had some more lyrical girth in my own head.


gots to work, gots to rock. one more to go, can't believe it!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

songaday volume 2 #28

world series championship rock and roll presente sea of key

it has little to nothing to do with baseball. okay, maybe some. but i made up a baseball song at the fun rock show last night before the sox won. and then they won and then we ran around screaming. and that was after i played songs, which was great, too. but the best was the magic-power ability to throw you arms up and have all cars and people honk.

i shared this magic time with my super awesome pal andy wade, who is the best. and tonight we got sushi. goodness abounds.

so since you didn't come to last night's show (probably), the secret show is tomorrow (friday oct 29) night. jp. 217 lamartine st. right near stony brook. big halloween basharoo. i play rock songs immediately after work. like 11pm or so. all are welcome.

by dumbledore's beard!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

songaday volume 2 #27

go go go here is: bunnicula homicide

yayfun. pretty straight up vegetable rabbit italian pudding style. more hallows weenieish, too. left work early to come make song (for you). go play rock show now(for two).


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

songaday volume 2 #26

by gum it's another song about birds: birds sigh

ayup, another song about birds, and it ALMOST wins longest (longest having actually been the first songaday of volume 2, laughably at just over 2 minutes. longest of both volumes is this is a spaceship , the classic volume 1 #2 ditty.). though this one sort of cheats with lots of reverb at the end.

this new one has a nicely curious structure. i am finding it tricky to make a song and be a roaring fair weather red sox fan. i make it happen. i summon the power of the jonnydamonbellhorn. it has +5 charisma.

what will be trickier is tomorrow night, when i play a rock show (9:30pm - great scott's in allston - be there to rock). i will be on at the same time as game 4. in a bar...interesting... moreover, i have to make a song at some point tomorrow. prrrobably after the show. yeeesh. so it'll be a late one. owww.

and we've almost made it to the dark tower (which is different but somehow eerily similar to both winning the world series and finishing songaday).

i am a big red sock.

Monday, October 25, 2004

songaday volume 2 #25

for everyone who was in fake blood, and for everyone who saw fake blood, here is: shake that boogie (man)

i've said it before: i don't know if that song is any good, but it sure as hell was fun to make. i think we can plainly state that we have another halloweenie song on our hands. and another one of about twenty of these with the bloody a-b-a form. i think with a bit more time i could make this one pretty fierce. or with the inimitable talents of the rockingest halloween ghost band ever, fake blood featuring boo!

i like the fact that in the first verse it sounds like i said "there's a porno up in the attic." or maybe it doesn't sound that way, but i just want it to. at any rate, i intended to say "portal." instead of porno. go on. say it. "p-o-r-n-o" once again, both work.

i get excited for ghost day. it is great.

happy ghost day, don't eat the baby!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

songaday volume 2 #24

go: sock puppet

right now i'm not in love with it. that might change. i wasn't loving chocula yesterday. and now i'm listening to it and thinking, "hey gosh damn, chocula rules." so who knows?

you know!

this was very hard to make.
i like that at first it sounds like maybe i'm saying "sock puppy." which is fine by me.

i'm sleepy.

red sock puppet,

Saturday, October 23, 2004

songaday volume 2 #23

ayuh. i made this song a'called you're not safe (chocula)

another kooky number.
once again i have more to say but am in a rush.
i love the song i made yesterday.
i have to go to an early halloweeny party. i am going as a sock puppet thanks to my friend joy who helped me make my dream a bizarre reality.

don't forget - i play rock and roll on weds the 27th at great scott's. early slot. bring your rock boots.

rock boots always on.

Friday, October 22, 2004

songaday volume 2 #22

so, it would appear as if i made a song called don't eat the baby

this started innocently enough.
i have more to say, but i have to go do a thing and a thing on a bike and a thing.

don't eat the baby!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

songaday volume 2 #21

songsongsong is: every day mind

tied with littleball for shortest song! i think it IS actually the shortest, because there is some lag at the end there. unlike littleball (and several others), though, i feel like this little ditty is completely complete. made to be the 56 seconds that it is.
this was fun. i feel like it breaks quite a bit with the way i've been writing. which is fun.

and fun is fun.

here are some words i wrote down to give me ideas for today's song:
water lily
bus station

wait, that isn't true. i didn't do that.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

songaday volume 2 #20

out the auto window: the broken line (you are not alone)

soooo. sox won... i am the greatest fairweather fan of the gestalt ever. but it is hard to make a song and watch baseball at the same time....(sorry, big j, i am what i am).

at any rate...i set out to make a different song. and maybe i did. i lack perspective at this juncture. i set out saying, "simple drums. simple melody. simple song." and arguably, it is. but it's not, at least not to me right now. it is much more convoluted than i intended. yet i like it again. it just feels like this songaday is so very diferent from the last. i feel like the changes are so gradual. but i can't tell... crrrrazy... i keep waiting for another clocks . but that is silly.

it is just that so few of these volume 2 folken feel like songs i'd want to play live. but is that a bad thing? speaking of which -i'm still playing at great scott's on the 27th. come and see and let me know if you have any requests even if you can't come and see.

yay and love and rock and sox.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

songaday volume 2 #19

for my very olde friends from the ka-tet of nineteen: eyes wide open

there is no connection to the stanley kubrick film that i have never seen.
as a point of reference - this song is a true story. autobiographical. i suppose many of them are. in a way all of them, even. but this one is enough so that i felt like mentioning it.

man, these songs have been all swoopy and lofty, lately. where's the stone cold rockers? eh, what're you gunna do? this one i was particularly okay with letting it do whatever the hell it wanted to. i thought a lot less about structure than usual and just did it. built up a poop load of tracks and then used something of an intriguing subtractive process. and who cares a lot?

okay, this is a crazy aside - yesterday's song. the sentence about chicken little was the last thing i wrote. a total afterthought. i did not have chicken little in mind when i wrote that song. and then i listened back to it. and well, there a rooster and cartoon music all over it. crazy undermind.


there's no such game as super lion king.

Monday, October 18, 2004

songaday volume 2 #18

greeeeowr, here's: laugh it up (keep on reaching)

picture chicken little trying to save what he believes is real.

songaday is officially taking a lot out of me. this is the crazy zone. i can't quite see the finish line yet, you know? but i'm feeling good about the songs, despite the strain (because of it?).

if ever there was a songaday that merits more attention, it was this one (at least to my mind). okay, there's probably been lots...but i just wanted to keep working on it. i couldn't stop a'fussin about with it. i'd like it to be a smidge longer. but it is tricky to decide that after you've been working on it for 2 hours with these crazy computer tools i'm using. which, not surprisingly, i haven't stepped away from (in the begining i said i could if i wanted to) and doubt i will (unless for an impromptu out-of-tune guitar poker singalong songaday).

but yay.
songaday is yar and yay and yarrington von yayski.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

songaday volume 2 #17

look up and it's : from high above

sometimes songaday feels like thanksgiving. in point of fact, this song didn't take the longest to make by any stretch of the imagination (oddly trio was probably the most laborious thus far), but it was just this long focussed session. and it was fun. and then there is this small thing that only lasts a minute. i eat fast. but i love forever.

yet another song about perspective. sometimes it feels like i always write about time or perspective. goodness gracious knows i think about them very often. and the two are both grumpy cousins who don't get along with anyone else in the family. and they wear plaid. and i suppose i write kooky narratives, too. and being wistful. and glonky. and sprangly. and dromply. you tell me.

this song is some kind of technotronic mayheminski. and that sure is that. boomboomboom.

so, does anybody else know how fun the video game donkey konga is? you hit drums in order to play. so good. a golden age for weirdo video gamers (like me). i need a blog dedicated to that stuff.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

songaday volume 2 #16

today brings us to: rinky dink huroney (does the jittery skidoo)

another character narrative weirdy dealy. also another song inspired by a drawing-doodle rather than a wordy doodle. not finished at 4am, which is nice. i still feel sick, but only medium sick. which is the hardest for me to deal with, because i don't feel bad enough to force myself to rest, but then when i play i get all extra sicky. and it is double-weird, because it is light fever sick, which just makes the world double-weird. and could explain the last few songs (though probably not, when one looks at the bigger picture).

drinking juice with a chicken puppet for a hand while missing the scavenger hunt!

songaday volume 2 #15

hi and here is fight the giant eye

okay. this is crazy for way more reasons than just the subject matter. i am not big on tooting my own horn of adversity. but here is the deal: as predicted this song got made at 3am (approaching 4 - glad i set the new rule of "my day" rather than the "clock day"). and with good reason. work (which is completely insane) was 11 hours, starting at 10am. and then straight to poker night. and though i have nothing but love for poker night and my poker night pals, i think we would all agree that we had some crazy-weird bad mojo flowing amongst us tonight (despite markwood's greathearted and bearlike hero efforts). nothing mean or really bad, just all weirdly frazzled up for us normally super poker pals . on top of that, i have a cold and a crazy fever (which probably didn't help poker or my workday). on top of that again, markwood wrote a super-riff that we were gonna make into today's impromptu awesome songaday about poker that would have ruled. but then we didn't, because i needed a ride (hopefully said riff will be revisited in a future-soon songaday).

so then i go and make some kind of ridiculously ambitious songaday. i don't know if it is any good, and i am sure that it is fever-induced (it is about fighting giant eyeballs), but it was pretty large scale both vocally and musically. and secretly i wrote music for a whole other song that i abandoned before i made this one (i do that a lot for this here songaday volume).

so there. i tooted my horn.

please toot my horn.
i need sleep.
and orange juice.
and hugs.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

songaday volume 2 #14

marty and jimmy made super cave

you heard it right. volume 2 #14 marks the second ever songaday collaboration, this time through with none other than the extraordinary (and extraordinarily filthy) james bernardinelli
it was way fun, i love my jimmy. (the first songaday collaboration from volume 1 #29 being crazygood with dan brennan )

for the curiously curious -
i composed the drums and a teeny speck of the melody. then james played everything else. then we couldn't get his computer to record vocals or else you'd hear him yelling, too, so i took the song home and tracked vocals. but the vocals were all nice and written with the jimmy. (one of the mny things i love about jimmy is that i said,"i think this song is about a grapefruit and a psychic in an underwater underwear cave playing the super nintendo," and he said,"AWESOME!") the vocals took a record 11minutes to track. awesome. this was great fun, i love my jimmy so. there is a crazy rumor that this duo may turn into a rocking band. stay tuned fearless folk.

annnnd: tomorrow will be crazy. i won't bore you with details, but it looks like i won't get a song made until 3am or so. so just warning you. which means there won't be much yelling, because even i find it impolite at that hour.

monster face.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

songaday volume 2 #13

and the little bird sings

i think it is safe to say that at about mid-way through songaday volume two i am officially all over the map. this one was great fun to make, but who is to say if it will be great fun to listen to? you are! something else that has made this songaday unique to the first has been my lack of an immediate sense of whether or not i particularly like a song. interesting.

of note: this song features a rare move for me in the form of a verse chorus repeat. i'm usually too lazy or self conscious to do that. harumph.

it is the same little bird i sung about before, if anyone is keeping track. but he is in a way different song now. this little bird has appeared elsewhere in my universe of stuff i make. this universe is becoming densely populated, and would like a comic book story to tell some of its tale. balogna the bear lives there now. there on watermellon isle.

news from the front is that i will be playing a rock show on october 27 at the fabulous great scotts in allston. exciting news.

by gum!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

songaday volume 2 #12

for the spaceship serenity here is hearts in space

another wistful shorty. so much for the gritty shorty of yesterday. i gotta go back to that gritty. i really like doing songaday.


Monday, October 11, 2004

songaday volume 2 #11

welp. here is the iridescent trio

let it never be said something. okay. this is a very curious one. horrifying? it will grow on you? easily a "halloween" song, which is odd in and of itself. moreover, it took me forever to get this one going (and i'm-none-too-sure about what i finally settled on). i tried many serious and high-minded ideas with all sorts of complicated and not-so-working drum things. so i tried the opposite thing. which ended up being about a skeleton, monkey, and bear who play loud cacophonous songs on village hilltops. the featured instrument is skeleton. i think that they think that they are most welcome, though i am not so sure that this is always the case. it is mostly just the lovable yet awfylly drunk hobos who welcome them and join in on their songs. but for all the trio know, every towne is completely made up of lovable drunk hobos. regardless, if you see them, it would be wise to just give them some macaroni and sing along.

so yeah: it was tremendously hard to get today's song done. the results were sort of crazy fun and i-don't-knowish (glowish?). but that is the same thing that happened last time with eleven song . (that song has gone on to become one of my least favorites, but a big favorite of some excellent and discerning friends...) moreover, i set out with a pretty serious premise in mind. i loved bologna the bear, but i felt pressed to get something more "weighty" off my chest. shows what i know. he's a heavy bear. and i'm pretty sure it's balogna who plays the keyboards.

in hindsight, it needs a jug. a ghost jug.

coming to your village very soon,

Sunday, October 10, 2004

songaday volume 2 #10

it would appear as if i made a song called bologna the bear

i sure do like a good long weekend. and do you know what else i like? a bear named bologna. he wears golden armour and protects the smaller mammals. it is in the cosmic design. i think.

finding things, doing things, not cleaning my room.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

songaday volume 2 #9

hi howdy here's rise up (little balloon)

our bodies are robo-machines with balloons inside them.

yay for fall.

Friday, October 08, 2004

songaday volume 2 #8

today i have been bippin around

another very simple one. i keep trying things that i don't usually try that may or may not seem that way. it is hard to be very objective about the songs i make every day. but then this one ends up sounding simple and sweet. and i like it. it is how i like my days best. when i am jusy "bipping around," doing this and that. i had several false starts because i had too much time on my hands today while i was bippin around. they weren't exactly false, just not-quite-right-right-now.

how are YOU today?
it is nearly fall.
as a point of reference, at this point in songaday volume one, i made passing a vastly different and all-too-rare style of song for me.

thanksabunches for listening. wish me luck at yon poker night.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

songaday volume 2 #7

proceeding alphabetically from lion to little ball

big shoes to fill, i really like yesterday's.
and if i thought i was tired yesterday, i was also right. now i am more tired. but instead of the song sounding opposite, it sounds like i'm tired. it is nice. i'd been wanting to do something with a bit of a repeated mantra and i always get too self conscious or else some other idea creeps in. well, one other small and related idea crept in here. but this song feels relatively small and quiet (for me). which is how i feel right now (not at all in a bad way). sometimes it's just what you want to do.

and tomorrow i sleep in in the deep snuggle cold. i love it. deeply.

thanks to all the all sorts of folks who've been leaving comments here and elsewhere, it makes it feel super great that you are listening. both praise and criticism (albeit constructive) are always welcomed.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

songaday volume 2 #6

nummmber six is lion fist journey

i am certain only of the fact that its name rules. the first song made while i was significantly tired. i don't really think it sounds like it though, other than the fact that it is pretty kooky. but they are all pretty kooky, and who am i kidding, right? relatively instrumentally sparse (by my standards, in that there is only one and not 7200 melody instrumets). fun. new wavey? i don't even know anymore....

sleeeeepy. marrrrrty. who requested a katamari damacy song? i love you. i will try to make it so. that is what captain picard always said. he would say, "i love you. katamari damacy." eerily prophetic. and i love star trek. songaday #6 from volume one was a song called don't wanna see made when i was grumpy. i'm not grumpy this time, just sleepy.

any way you want it.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

songaday volume 2 #5

i am many things, but i ain't no train

this song qualifies for grossest begining ever. totally gross. weird and funny. interesting and odd. no subject matter left unturned! ayup.
i am getting antsy with this a - b - a2 formula that i keep falling on, so you might see me consciously try and muck that up a bit in the days to come.

it is well worth noting how very very different songaday feels to me this time through. still great, just way different. i definitely feel some momentum starting up again, but these songs feel less isolated. they feel like they are closer brothers and sisters to one another than the previous lot feels or felt at the time. whether that will remain true remains to be seen, and perhaps that is only in my brain.

i write about trains a lot. funny, that.

choo choo!

Monday, October 04, 2004

songaday volume 2 #4

hey norm, let's go to the alphabeat

yay. i like this one. and at first, i didn't like. so i trashed approximately (and literally) about 40 vocal passes until i found something i liked. special thanks to the mae for convincing me to poke harder at my singing thinkings.

this was great fun. i don't know if i'll like it tomorrow, but i sure do like it now.

okay. ayup.
so how's everybody doing out there in songaday world? draw any dinosaurs lately? you played katamari damacy yet? go play it! it transcends videogamedom! i'm hungry!


Sunday, October 03, 2004

songaday volume 2 #3

here is it is on

well, i don't know if it is good, but it sure was a fun one to make. i'm tired and giddy with tiredness, so that made it go from being a chore to being fun.

have i told you about the video game katamari damacy? it is the greatest video game ever. go get it if you own a playstation 2. i should write a song about it.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

songaday volume 2 #2

here is the second song called imtention

i like the name because i did it by mistake and now it is a better name and a more interesting song. short and nice. i like it, i think.

HI! welcome back to songaday! i am marty, and i am happy and crazed and unnerved to be back at it. it still hasn't quite sunk in that i'm going to have to make 28 more songs.

so i think i already laid out any new rules a few posts back before i started, but i just wanted to mention what has changed a bit in terms of how i'm making these here songs. i got a nifty new computer robot program that lets me use a lot of sampled string and percussion instruments and some quirky effects and lots of control over sounds, so that's the stuff you're hearing so far (and my voice). so far it lends itself to people saying,"sounds like the polyphonic spree" which is fair enough (and unintentional, coincidentally) and makes sense because i listen to them lots lately. but it'll probably start to get all crazy. (or is it all crazy? i never know...) who knows? at any rate, it is awesome having all of these new and nifty sounds at my disposal, but that certainly doesn't mean i'm not allowed to use any of the good ole casio keyboards and so forth if i'm moved to do so. it's songaday, so whatever it takes to get a song made.

yeeee haw.
let me know what you think about songs!

Friday, October 01, 2004

songaday volume 2 #1

okay. omigod.
here it is:
here we go again (songaday volume 2 theme song)

wow. yeesh. done in 2 hours. not even sure what it is. a little cumbersome and glommy. i like the begining. yay! let's do it again! lots to say about new songaday, but i'll say it tomorrow because i have to rush to play poker. wish me luck. let me know what you think.

yay yay agin and again.