Wednesday, January 26, 2005

songaday volume 3 begins february 1

hi and hello.
there is a vicious rumor that a nice fellow at the the boston phoenix has written a thinger about my songaday. if that is the case - yay and awesome and thanks mike miliard!

so, if you are new to marty's songaday: welcome. and double welcome to olde friends. here is the deal: for 30 days i make one song every day and then post it here in my fancy bjournal. i did it twice before, june-july ; october - endofoctober. if you'd care to see songadays volumes 1 & 2, simply scroll down. as has been previously stated, there is a link to the left posing as an "index." it only applies to volume 1 due to my lazy butt and the things that are attached to it.

ayup. here we go again pretty soon.
what has changed since last songaday 2? i will be using new software (hopefully) that brings a lot of stuff together. in volume one i just recorded tracks into the computer. usually drum machine or casio drums and toy instruments. and vocals. in volume 2 all of the music was done in the computer via computer synth and samples and drums(all in the program reason), and then i would record vocals (vocals generally had to be recorded last due to mixed-up methodologies). towards the end i discovered the ability to do a little more processing with the vocals. before that, it was all straight-up layers, no vocal reverb or nuthin. hopefully this time i'll have the ability to do any of that in any order... drunk with power i will make terrible songs.

and the other big change is that i am in a rocking rock band now called uncle monsterface. no web site yet, but soon at the obvious url. ( it is great. come see us on thursday january 27 at kennedys near park st and emerson or saturday feb 5 at mass art. several songs from songadays past have become uncle monsterface hits, like : you're not safe (chocula) (vol 2, day 23) or lionfist journey (vol 2, day 6) and there are lots of other new songs and puppet shows and it is great.

okay! new songaday soooon!

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bullemhead said...

can't wait dude.
rock (all night long).