Tuesday, February 01, 2005

songaday volume 3 #1

here we go: volume 3 theme

i like to think that this first song keeps with the standing tradition of the first one being overly ambitious and somewhat cumbersome.
which leads us neatly into what's exciting: if i didn't already call you or e-mail you or you or you weren't drawn here because of it:
this is the exciting boston phoenix article about songaday!
so neat and awesome. so many big thanks to mr mike miliard for helping to support my irrational efforts.

so - this one was tough. it is difficult to start up again. perhaps some amongst you may note that by now it is technically february 2. technicalities are bunk here. as was established with volume 2, my days are defined by my sleeping schedule. and my sleeping schedule is godawful in its finest hours. first time around i tried to use midnight and it nearly destroyed me. (perhaps it DID destroy me...who can sayyyyyy...?)

i think this song maybe shares a lot of characteristics with the latter-day volume 2 songs (which makes sense). i like the lyrics in the middle. by the way, people sometimes say they can't understand whatever the hell it is i'm saying. whatever you are guessing is probably better, but if you ever want to know i'm more than happy to divulge...

the things (gadgets, doodads, and googaws) i didn't know i would get to help but suddenly got are as follows: a pair of super good listening headphones and a nifty midi keyboard. i should explain: throughout volume 2, all of the keyboard parts were played on my actual macintosh "keyboard." you know, the thing you type words on. if it wasn't clear already, i like certain limitations...but that one became a bit silly. so just today i got a proper keyboard that makes me able to play forty-nine black and white keys. overwhelming and exciting. the super-good headphones are a fair step forward from the taped together ones that i bought at south station. movin on up.

okay. i'm excited to be back at it. please leave comments. please go look at a million other blogs or vlogs or glogs or bjournals. please bring me a juicebox on your way back, and ignore my smelly feet.

as has been suggested by blogville (bjournaltowne) i'll try and get an RSS feed going on this here thinger...

songaday again.

ps: i forgot to mention that this marks the first divergence from the orginal "songaday" melody. i just got tired of it. i already made 4 songs with it... so somehow this one became like a spy song. a robot badger spy song.


ryanne hodson said...

good thing i put your blog thorugh feedburner so people can auto download your songs in ANT daily (antnottv.org)

this is your feed:


rock on forever and ever!

Big Castle James said...

Yeah, Marty! I am now PUMPED for SONGADAY VOLUME III! Even more so than I already was, thanks to the new THEME SONG! It was rad! This is James. I now have a blog called WELCOME TO JIMMYVILLE! I'm so talented! I thought it all up by myself!

Anonymous said...

i went to the bank, i went to the post office, i came home, i turned on the state of the union tv, i became irritated and fell asleep. when i woke up, "friends" was on and i didn't want to get up to change it. i have laundry in the dryer taking up everyone else's dryer space. and i really need to clean this place. but lucas was sleeping on my belly, and i couldn't bring myself to get up for the longest time. then i remembered that it is already february second! and there must be TWO songaday songs by now! and THAT, my friend, is the only thing that could have possibly gotten me out of my lazy cozy bed. and it did. and it was so entirely worth it. thank you.

Drunk Girl said...

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