Thursday, February 10, 2005

songaday volume 3 #10

oh boy howdy it's: two little triangles
who doesn't like an eerie dirge?
um, i think volume 3 might be winning most eccentric. go volume 3!

in direct deifiance of ryanne hodson , i am going to continue to write bunches about these songs, my butt, and my penchant for disaster movies (not true).

here is what i think is funny (besides everything). yesterday i was musing about the music i've been "studying" throughout the day, wondering about its effect on the day's song. well, today was rufus wainwright, more mates of state, elliot smith, and a little queen. with a dabble of they might be giants. what we clearly have in song form is something that owes much more to
A) the residents
B) rasputina

hey, so it goes in rock and roll.
speaking of rock and roll, go check out the nice folks at:
they are putting together a new music blog looker-upper.

so, here we have another song in my long line of anthropomorhized shape songs. some are here on songaday, others are elsewhere. circle saw the star, lullabye for triangle, shape song, star parade. here is the latest. simple shapes creep up all over my drawings and writing, too. what can i say, i am a big fan of component parts.

we are currently also obsessed with salt and pepper flavored potato chips. eat them.

please tell me what you think of songs and i promise to write back if humanly possible.


AW said...

This song is killer. I can definetly see some TMBG influence there I think. And I think I had a spontaneous orgasm at the mere mention of the word "rasputina". But you knew I would. Yay.

Paradise Dan said...


This one is more than special. It might even be super-special. It might even need a full story line, a two triangle rock opera version performed by UMF.

Anonymous said...

what would lullabye say? lullabye would say, "but i don't want to sleep with the fishes!" and the two triangles would reply "who said anything about sleep?! you'll never sleep now! mwah ha ha ha"
it was frightening. but especially when compared to the other triangles in your life. also, it was beautiful. and i love the suprise ending.
and another thing... i didn't know you considered star a shape song. i thought it was about the thing not the shape. hmmm

ryanne hodson said...

i dont know about this one mar mar

i'll have to listen again

in ANT
of course.

i love mates of state
they are fun