Monday, February 14, 2005

songaday volume 3 #14

take this, saint valentine: heart

an absolute nod to the brilliant young gentleman ed in the refridgerators they have a valentine's song called "heart of blood," and i love it and them. and i miss them. a further nod to the gentleman who i can never nod at enough they might be giants (their song "mammal")

i just won a bunch of money at poker. jason and i have a poker blog i will write about it there. it was completely crazy.

and then also i think i really like this song. which is fun.

okay, happy heart smooch poopies. if you are in love, i hope you are having awesome valentine's sex right now. (i suppose i hope that for just about everyone, in love or not... i mean, i hope you're not in an emotionally bad relationship and still having awesome sex. but if you are, the least you could do is be having great sex.)



Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaawwwww. you DO have a heart!
love love love love love bestsongever.
another learning song!!! 2 baseballs!? who knew that?
i didn't know that! now i know that!
yay! i absolutely love this song! i will hold it forever.

CassieLove said...

I stumbled across your blog while doing research on Valentine's Day for my site Valentine's Day. Thought I'd say thanks!