Tuesday, February 15, 2005

songaday volume 3 #15

food lover's are my people: leftovers

i think i made two songs at once...
it sort of became all about that ridiculous falsetto...

bliddy bop.


Anonymous said...

I definetly feel the third songaday series is the best. You've improved as a spontaneous composer and expanded the width of your ion cannons by two power-ups.

Marty, That pilot is you!

Anonymous said...

is this song about gabe?
i didn't want to say good things about this song. i wanted to be constructfully critical. because i've been loving all of your songs lately. and i didn't want to seem insincere. before i even listened to it i decided that i wouldn't like it as much. but, alas, i'm a failure. i can't do anything right. i can't even criticize a perfectly fantastic song when i want to.
good song. i love it alot. which isn't particularly useful, i know.
and another thing. i don't find your songs so very strange- as you make them out to be. they're just great.