Saturday, February 19, 2005

songaday volume 3 #19

buy now! miracle ball

early morning song so that i can get on a bus to visit maine and the human running theme of volume 3, mr andywade.
have a happy saturday, and don't go to ikea without me.



Anonymous said...

hey marty...
we're in san fran.

jay and ryan

Anonymous said...

zoiks! what a song! you're a miracle ball!
i think i could actually see andywade dancing to this one! he looked so cute xoxoxoxo
i liked this song. it seemed... mature. it seemed finished. it sounded full, but not overfull. i couldn't think of anything it might be missing. it was/is just great!
thanks for rockin' it at crazy hours!

marty said...

crazy jet-setting video bloggers...

rubbing in their jet-setting ways with their armies of ants and radio cars...