Sunday, February 20, 2005

songaday volume 3 #20

direct from maine, a very special: lemon meringuetang

ha ha! the commitment of the songaday!
so: here we have the third-ever songaday guest artist. none other than mr andywade himself.

here is how it went down: we got the bus schedule wrong because of stupid president's day. so i'm stuck in maine for an extra day. stuck is a poor choice of words. i'm here and andywade is awesome. the only problems were work and songaday. so we went into emergency procedures. fixed work (thanks donna!) and recorded the immediately legendary lemon meringuetang. which also happens to be the world premiere of the band bearing the same name. we recorded it using one of those awesomely sketchy computer mics that look like a game show host mic and one of the standard windows audio tracking devices. despite a few attempts, we were unable to do anything besides track one live recording. but it is pretty wicked awesome. there was one recording where the accordion got accidentally super-distorted, which sounded totally amazing. but we couldn't replicate that. but now i want a distortion pedal for everything.

most of the brilliance of this nugget lies with the wade. which in its turn made me really want to take on the role of "producer" for other folks. i'd love to take another crack at this song with all of my regular computer-stuff at my disposal.

okay. i'll take a long bus ride and return to regularly scheduled songadays tomorrow.



Steve Garfield said...

Hi Marty,
I love lemon meringuetang!

I enjoyed hearing andy on the track.

The voices on this one were so punchy and clear!

Yay lemon meringuetang!

Anonymous said...

i hope that when marty allen goes on tour, lemon meringuetang can open for him.
i hope that when lemon meringuetang goes on tour, marty allen can open for them.
because that was flipping awesome!
i liked the beginning.
no, i liked the end the best!
NO the middle!!!
oh, i just love the whole darn thing with you two!

Anonymous said...

You two are my heroes. Thank you for leaving the laughs at the end.



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