Tuesday, February 22, 2005

songaday volume 3 #22

avian flu presente: two ducks

back to the small.
i am sick. despite this (or because of it), i actually created this entirely other crazy and grande song. that i didn't like. so then i made this. and i don't really know what to make of it. perhaps because of the nyquil.

and then also i made an alternate version with a chorus singing "look back and quack" at the end and then a professor going,"fredericka! you must never look back! i saw that!"
but then i uploaded what i thought was that version and it was this one, this more paired down one. and i liked it better this way. so there you have it.

look back and quack.

needs help getting zees,


Anonymous said...

I know that if I listened to this songaday business, I sure wouldn't want to comment. commenting is hard. even though marty makes AN ENTIRE SONG every single day, he probably doesn't want to know what I think about them. he probably just puts them up here on this site so that no one will enjoy them. it's a thankless job. he knew that going into it. and plus, I'm shy. really shy. and I’m a bad writer. and speller. and I have a roast in the oven, so I don't have the time. especially if I’m sick or in Maine or drunk or really overworked and tired. I’ll just keep listening to these songs and let him wonder. he's a man of mystery, after all. and he's such a nice guy, that I’m sure he doesn't mind.

someone who listens almost every day. just like all those other people. though you wouldn't know it.

Anonymous said...

I like your songs marty.

Mara said...

I just found this blog, and I have to say good for you! It would be really hard to come up with an entirly new song (tune and lyrics and _everything_...@_@) Every Day... O_O Good for you! XD

Second, not a bad job on the songs! XD (In my option at least), you have a rather strange style (but that means it's orgonal! XD), but pretty good! XD

How do you record them? With like a microphone connected to your computer or what? And how about the insterments? How do you do that?
I'd be interested in it cause I sing myself...but the only way I've found to put my songs (not origonal ones though, sadly) up were audio posts, and those have like long distance fee's and everything else... ^^0 So answer soon please! XD

Good day, and good job! XD

marty said...

thanks for listening and commenting.
if you'd like to know more in depth sorts of things about equipment and such, just e-mail me at marty@martystuff.com

i also very much like that i am origonal. that is like a crazy awesome new shape.