Thursday, February 03, 2005

songaday volume 3 #3

meow for the: kittens
(for lucas)

okay, hi the songs are already weird. i don't think there is a hit single yet. but i like 'em.

what should i tell blogville about?
wellity, there is a magical rss feed dealy now. the rumor is that if you control-click on it, it'll make the magic things occur. further rumors imply that these "magic things" are bright neon with rainbow ribbons trailing behind them. they sing songs like songs from gramophones except as sung by unruly drunks on the train.

i recommend that you try a solid bludgeoning before bed.
and that you tell me what you think of songs.

talkin bout my.


Steve Garfield said...

Best description of RSS ever.

Big Castle James said...

I love you. Your song a day makes my otherwise dismal and obese ham-filled life that much happier.

What is an RSS feed? Am I allowed to have one? No one likes my blog because I am a fat retard with a learning disability.

Marty, your songs are the best. Your band is the best. I bought The Brak Show Season 1 and Sealab Season 2 last night after rehearsal. I am a whore.

Anonymous said...

,ggggg v n gvgn vgn vgn nm n

love, lucas

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