Friday, February 04, 2005

songaday volume 3 #4

for the kids in the gym here is: sweatpants (for gabe)

hey wow and holy canolis. 13 hour workday. and then make a song. but then! go to the bar.
i love beer.

i love making songs.
this song is silly and crazy. for the last several days i have remained committed to trying to make the songs pretty simple and straight-up. this was the first time i think that really happened. as of right now, i like it.

okey dokey. i'm real tired. come and see uncle monsterface (the new rockband i am in) rock massart tomorrow, feb 5, at massart's N175 (alternately N181). show starts at 7:30. we rock around 9.

i sleep now, then make a song for you tomorrow. please tell me what you think, sign up for the mystical rss.



Anonymous said...

if i ever go to a gym, i'm going to take jogproof, and i'm going to play this song on repeat for hours.
hope the massart rock is rocking!

ryanne hodson said...

i downloaded this
and hadnt read the text accompanying it
and i instantly thought:
i hope this song is written about and for gabe duquette
and indeed it is.
it sounds like you are saying "suet pants"
which is just as disturbing as gabe's yellow, 12 year old sweatpants.

niggs said...

when running a search on google for gabe duquette it connects you with, first this song sweatpants to which is dedicated to him and secondly to a website for those afflicted by the cerebel disorder of joubert syndrome, and low and behold on the first page there is a picture of a young gabe in his yellow sweats!