Sunday, February 06, 2005

songaday volume 3 #6

one-fifth through: anymore giants

ah, sweet sundays.

this song gets a bit muddy, but i like some bits. i kept trimming parts for clarity, but in the end it still feels unwieldy. i really like the idea though. to spoil: it is about a race of underground peoples who think of themselves as giants relative to everything else, but when they explore the aboveground in their spacesuits they find out they aren't so big. you know, perspective yadda bladda marty etc. yet another odd one. i keep saying that, i suppose.

i think it should be said that volume 3 feels much more like just picking up right where volume 2 left off. which makes sense, right? but i don't think that was the case from 1-2. and i didn't want it to be from 2-3. but then i stopped fighting that as of about day 4. and so now songs are going much faster with a lot less worry. change will come, and having the full keyboard is a big one. but i keep mentioning their oddness. which is true to me. and makes sense because by the end of volume 2 i was very comfortable making songs that were completely odd with no regard for popular opinion. which isn't to say i don't care what you think. please tell me things. and it also isn't to say that i am always making songs so that people will like them. but i feel that the seemingly random aside in volume 3 #1 that says,"and this time, i'm making it, just for me," holds true to an extent. obviously not completely, or else this wouldn't be a big olde public fprum. but you see what i mean. or else you don't. in either case, please write me about it.

go superbowl tigers of yay.

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Anonymous said...

remember the time when everyone went out to party with the circus, and i was sick so i went home and listened to my cornmo cd for the first time and had a crazy trippy experience. well, that time i was in bed and couldn't get up to turn the music off. this time i'm sitting right here and i only made it half way through. not because it isn't a great song. just because it made me sick-trip. maybe i'll try again tomorrow.
thanks for messin' with my head!