Tuesday, February 08, 2005

songaday volume 3 #8

long overdue: summaluncha
(very overtly for andy wade)

you'll remember andy wade from yesterday. as the best ever. well, he still is, and today is his birthdae. long ago, i posted a contest. " tell people to sign up for my e-mail list and i'll make a song about you." not enough people responded. but dr wade did. and here, at long last, is his song.
when is jonny cruz's birthdae? damn, i'd have to learn how to play some real sexy bass for that song (he also "made good" on the contest. AND he's wicked sexy. for rizzle. i mean, andy wade's sexy, too. lots of my friends are. but i'd hump jonny cruz's spit. )


okay. yay. for songaday.

happy birthdae andywade (go look at his awesome journal blog via the link and discern the true meaning of summaluncha, christamas, partying hard, orc potions, and the afterlife)!


ryanne hodson said...

that's the best name ever
seriously so funny.

this is such a great song!
so many layers.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Best birthdae present eva! I totally win.
I love you too marty!

Anarchy in Taiwan-na! said...

Nothing says summaluncha like that fucking song. God that rules. Thanks for that Marty. Cheeahz!

Jay Dedman said...

you make these up everyday?
its like casio gone crazy.
they're so good.