Wednesday, February 09, 2005

songaday volume 3 #9

kablamo, here is: helloagain

hey! so, wow, a songday hasn't been this hard to make in i can't remember how long. there was one full-on completely composed and structured false start, and several more vocal false starts within this smaller structure. oddly enough, yesterday's song took only half the time. and today's ended up being one of the musically simplest and shortest. and there is a strong likelihood i'll look back and like this one (as opposed to a few other dark horses that were mired in struggle). it is funny, because i went in very excited to make something very poppy. all day i've been listening to ben folds and michael jackson. and there you have it.

which is an interesting segue into a point about this here songaday process. part of what i have been doing is really hitting myself with much more music than usual. i haven't done this so purposefully in past songadays, and i'm not sure why i suddenly wanted to now. but i've been listening intently and dissecting quite a lot. the abovementioned were today's contributors. thus far there has also been a lot of: mercury rev's new ep (one song in particular), the mates of state, the postal service, xtc's apple venus volume 1, and bjork's medula. probanly something i forget. more to come, i'll keep you posted.

ouch, that one hurt.
but i still love songaday lots.


ryanne hodson said...

jesus christ marty
too much talk
not enough rock.

just kidding
but seriously
whats with all the text?

is this not an AUDIO BLOG?

marty said...

or alog?
it is my bjournal.
where i write songs and then write about things.
is it not interesting to know the details?
well, the writing part is optional, just listen to the songs.
i promise that the songs take 2-5 hours to make, the writing takes ten minutes.


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