Wednesday, March 02, 2005

songaday volume 3 #30

ta-dahh! it's goodbyehello volume three


long-winded dedication that can very easily be skimmed over:
songaday volume 3 is humbly dedicated to douglas adams.
as a small boy, i read all of the hitchhikers guide books and loved them (something i am rather proud of the small boy version of myself for). i began in the fourth grade. by the time i was in the fifth, i gave a lengthy oral book report about "the restaurant at the end of the universe" which involved a bulging sack of props. there are all sorts of things that form you when you are young. for me, i always knew douglas had been one of them, along with great stuff like the kids in the hall, the simpsons, they might be giants, the tick, jim henson, my best friend jeremy and his family, tee vee, tv, television,the list goes on and on. but somewhere along the line, i think i forgot just how much he had done to my mind. (for my mind.) i recently decided to re-read all of his books. i finished the guide series (incidentally, i have no idea why i used to say that the books fall off at "so long and thanks for all the fish." read them all, they're increasingly brilliant). anyways, i was reading "last chance to see" (his lesser-know non-fiction book about endangered species. the copy isn't mine but amy mae's mom's or brother's...i'll give it back...i prommmmmise...) anyways, i was reading it on the train, and then it suddenly made me cry. not just because i'm a big baby (though i am), but because it hit me in the face. pow! right in the face. he's dead. i don't think i grieved properly when he died. so now i am, and this is for him.

slightly less long-winded thanks:
first thanks to everyone and anyone who listens ever. in the past, present, or fuuuuture. and extra thanks to anyone who has told me thoughts or encouragements or anything. i know folks are out there, because the internet tells me so. i even like to imagine that there are a few sneaky folks out there whom i've never even heard from, listening away, headphones clenched, hunched over their gramophone in the night kitchen. but extra special thanks to two folks who i am wicked most proud to hold as friends: ms amy mae silvia and mr andrew wade. you guys have kept listening, and kept encouraging, and kept telling me things. and it means a heckuva damn crap of a lot. yeesh, andywade ended up with a song about him and a song sung by him (two of my favorites, incidentally). so bigtime thanks, everbody.

and that's it. i'm not sure what happens next. i have a feeling it will be a bit longer before i do it all again. i mean, i'm sure i'll do it again, but there really is some other stuff i have to hack away at. i want to make some cartoons, rock out with monsterface, make some sandwiches, kiss girls, go to dinner, sleep and bathe regularly, other crazy ideas...

it has once again been an awesome experience. i am as surprised by these songs as you are. every day is a crazy adventure. and i'm really proud. every iteration of songaday has been totally special.

so yay. yay for you, yay for me.
come see uncle monsterface tomorrow night at o'briens.

i'll miss you while i'm gone.



Anonymous said...

I miss songaday. I know you can't realistically do it every month, but I keep checking back here thinking, "Hey, maybe there'll be a song" even though I know there won't, and then I get all bummed out. Which when you think about it, is really my own problem. Anyway, I really do think you've outdone yourself with series 3, and dare a say it is a larger leap forward than 1 was to 2. And I'm totally amped to see what series 4 will be like. Whenever that happens to be. Okay, I guess thats basically it. Yay for songaday! And thank you!

huncke said...

I hear your songs, I like it..
what kind of software are you using?

CuShMaN said...

diggy a whop a do whop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

'k. this is the best one. Period. Beter than trolblazing.

I think you said ardvark. Life is good.

I think you should do a harry potter song. Or a series of jingles for strange products. They would be easy and fun.

Ghost Notes

joliesworld said...

"i know folks are out there, because the internet tells me so" haha.
Well dear Marty, isn't it an idea to make another blog with a cartoon-a-day or one with my-daily-bathing-adventures?
I would definately check it. :-)

Pirate Captain Hannah said...

Hooray for things that form us all when we're young. Douglas Adams is the bestest. And yeah, it really sucks that he can't give us any more amazing, funny, fall-off-you-chair-laughing books.

Well, anyways, that's all I had to say.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is funny ;)