Sunday, April 17, 2005

(thisisnota) songaday

i miss songaday.

but i fear it'll be awhile until i start another. for those interested in songaday in particular, scroll on down. there are 90 songs for you to listen to. listen up. get down. tell me what you think.

what have i been doing? lots of stuff. perhaps the most exciting is uncle monsterface. it is the rock band.
please check us out at
uncle monsterface's nifty new web page!
uncle monsterface is making lots of awesome songs. several of them were born right here in songaday land. and then my very smart rock partners make them way better. go to the above-mentioned web site to hear our new and exciting re-creation of lionfist journey (and then scroll on down to hear the olde version...or vice was volume 2 #6, for the kids who are keeping score...)

and also there is a spider baby growing out of my shoulder and i am learning to make cartoons.

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Jenny said...

We miss Marty's Song A Day, too!