Tuesday, July 26, 2005

still no songaday yet (but i want to make puppets)

i sure do miss songaday. it'll be back. in the meantime, if you're new, scroll on down for 90 songs that make up three iterations of me making one song every day for 30 days in the past. they're grrreat!

now here's the deal: right now i'm doing a spot of music learning. and a spot of software learning. and i keep on playing rock songs with the awesome rock band uncle monsterface . so after the learning stuff, i'd very much like to do ANOTHER songaday. i'm thinking probably october-ish. and that'll rock so hard it'll hurt my face and every other part of my body.

BUT! i wanna do something else in the meantime. another round of sockpuppetaday. now, to give you some background, sock puppet a day was the forerunner of songaday. i made 30 sock puppets for 30 days last year, before i EVER even thought of songaday. subsequently, i use those sock puppets everywhere (including at live uncle monsterface shows - come see us this friday july 29 for free at 8pm at the Boston Children's Museum, and then august 27 at the milky way in jp all ages 2pm with harry and the potters yay). i'd love to post them, i'm not sure yet if i'll post them here or start up a seperate blog for them.

what do you think?

bye. i miss you, my songaday.

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