Monday, February 28, 2005

songaday volume 3 #28

have fiscally responsible fun with: the grown up song

i think it is rather clear that i am amusing myself quite a bit at the end, here. for anyone keeping track, there is some pretty uncharacteristic vocal overimpedance, but i just had to keep those performances. let's see...i'm very excited for thursday's monsterface. did i mention that show?

and tired. but good tired, you know?
so. here's how it falls out. songaday ends march 2. monsterface rocks march 3. then i travel to portland oregon with my best friends to see my best friend. for a vacation! yay.

just two more, gang. i can safely say that, for me at least, it has been a very exciting songaday thus far. but we're not done yet...

i know your secret,

Sunday, February 27, 2005

songaday volume 3 #27

an aquatic life with: scuba bear

i know it is a topic that everyone is writing about, but i just had to put in my two cents.

while making this song i had to stop recording several times because it was making me laugh.
i am suddenly all about crazy funny screamy punky songs again. crazy olde songaday. and i really like the middle, too. i need more songs where i just make funny noises.

what does MARCH 3 equal?
UNCLE MONSTERFACE at o'brien's in allston! yay, come and see. rumor has it we may be "doing the airplane."

with chocolate arms and hands.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

songaday volume 3 #26

moving forward we have go!

one of the many nice things about a saturday to myself is it means that my songaday gets to be done mid-day. which means i am far more comfortable all-out screaming. which isn't to say that my room doesn't resonate with it's fair share pf whelps and whinnies aech night around 2am, it's just that i can REALLY scream during the day. i mean, this stuff would be downright inappropraite at such wee hours.

very awfully close. yes yes.
are you with me out there, people who listen to things?

let's take the rock and roll on down through the home stretch.

Friday, February 25, 2005

songaday volume 3 #25

watch out for avian flew: do the airplane (do the aeroplane)

phewww...almost there. already making me misty. this songaday has rocked my butt off. yay.

don't forget - uncle monsterface. march 3. 8:30pm. o'brien's in allston. rockrockrock.

tonight is the first official pokernight in nigh on a dog's age. wish me luck.

and i'd truly appreciate it if while you listen to this song, you please do the airplane.

everyone knows how...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

songaday volume 3 #24

rollin in from the pasture is milkcow

congratulations on the shortest songaday ever yet.

i told you i'd make a song called milkcow.

sick of being sick,

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

songaday volume 3 #23

target practice with: shoot me down

don't worry, it's about climbing trees, and how to get off of them.
i like summoning the bluesman inside. i want to do more of that.

first of all, let's all countdown to uncle monsterface at o'briens on march 3 - 8:30pm. count with me...

and in case you were worrying, i'm still ucky-sick. i got better in the morning and now i'm sicker. ayuck. singing songs like that isn't so conducive to healthiness, either. but songaday is songaday. note the clever use of my incredibly stufft up voice.

a side note: i think several sweet people took yesterday's "delicate ego" comment as a fishing line for compliments. or something. it wasn't intended as such. but thanks to any and everyone for kind words and encouragement (all the time...and maybe people just happened to be feeling nice at that same moment). anyways, it always means a lot. as does honest criticism. if i may get back on my soap box for a moment, i would preach that if you are reading/watching/experiencing any of this magical world of blogdom, vlogdom, bjournalhood, or anything for that matter, take a moment to tell the person on the other end what you think. it almost never falls on deaf ears. again, this isn't me fishing, it is me preaching.
(oh will you pleasepleaseplease ADORE ME already!)

i think we may be officially on the home stretch here.
hopefully i will be less sick on the morrow (wind).

with mutual adoration and a medicine head,


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

songaday volume 3 #22

avian flu presente: two ducks

back to the small.
i am sick. despite this (or because of it), i actually created this entirely other crazy and grande song. that i didn't like. so then i made this. and i don't really know what to make of it. perhaps because of the nyquil.

and then also i made an alternate version with a chorus singing "look back and quack" at the end and then a professor going,"fredericka! you must never look back! i saw that!"
but then i uploaded what i thought was that version and it was this one, this more paired down one. and i liked it better this way. so there you have it.

look back and quack.

needs help getting zees,

Monday, February 21, 2005

songaday volume 3 #21

for mr. h. s. thompson: out like a lamb

i didn't know hunter s thompson had died when i started making this song. specialfriend-pete broke the news. the song was already all written (but not performed). and it felt completely proper to dedicate it to him. a crazy fellow who influenced me. bye hunter.

a nod must also be made to mr tom waits on this one. thankfully he's still with us. and i'm sure it is clear that he is an influence on this particular songaday.

can i take a minute to puzzle (again) over this mysterious rss feed? ryanne and steve garfield were compelled to get me rolling with this dealy (for which i still thank them...). inasmuch as i can tell, it allows people to "subscribe" to my blog and then automatically get it. right? (or else it is a german built flying car with tires that are also radios.) anyways, all it is doing is wreaking havoc on my delicate ego. one day i'll have 17 people. the next, 5. was it something i said?

okay, fine, my ego isn't that delicate...


rock on forever to the sound of freedom and free things such as birds, bicycles, and carnie folk.
and if you have a chance, take some lsd. do it for hunter.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

songaday volume 3 #20

direct from maine, a very special: lemon meringuetang

ha ha! the commitment of the songaday!
so: here we have the third-ever songaday guest artist. none other than mr andywade himself.

here is how it went down: we got the bus schedule wrong because of stupid president's day. so i'm stuck in maine for an extra day. stuck is a poor choice of words. i'm here and andywade is awesome. the only problems were work and songaday. so we went into emergency procedures. fixed work (thanks donna!) and recorded the immediately legendary lemon meringuetang. which also happens to be the world premiere of the band bearing the same name. we recorded it using one of those awesomely sketchy computer mics that look like a game show host mic and one of the standard windows audio tracking devices. despite a few attempts, we were unable to do anything besides track one live recording. but it is pretty wicked awesome. there was one recording where the accordion got accidentally super-distorted, which sounded totally amazing. but we couldn't replicate that. but now i want a distortion pedal for everything.

most of the brilliance of this nugget lies with the wade. which in its turn made me really want to take on the role of "producer" for other folks. i'd love to take another crack at this song with all of my regular computer-stuff at my disposal.

okay. i'll take a long bus ride and return to regularly scheduled songadays tomorrow.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

songaday volume 3 #19

buy now! miracle ball

early morning song so that i can get on a bus to visit maine and the human running theme of volume 3, mr andywade.
have a happy saturday, and don't go to ikea without me.


Friday, February 18, 2005

songaday volume 3 #18

for the the wistful kids: spaceship aeroplane (write your name)

i think that you are a bird today.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

songaday volume 3 #17

scififancondotcom presents: the spoonda wars

i really wanted to say something about the fact that the 5000 year spoonda wars contributed very much to the booming economy of both civilizations. but then i got too excited about the "systematic attack..." you know how it gets...

i also wanted to do a song called "milk cow." maybe i'll get to it later. i was also thinking about doing a song about how cautiously excited i am about the next generation of video game consoles. go nintendo! make the revolution live up to its name... if ANYONE can get me into E3 this year i will write them an album of songs singing gloriously of their virtous awesomesness and battles and greatness and anything...


i really enjoyed making the crazy crunchy drums on this one. i think i'm truly starting to bend the will of this magic computer program.

rock rock rock until the break of dawn or else a little bit before then,

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

songaday volume 3 #16

go team: the thrill of defeat

annnnnnnnd - we're over the hump! yayyyyyy!
i like to make songs every day.
i also like the spring, and look forward to it.
and how are you today, fair listener?
are you wearing a merry jacket? have you danced any proper jigs of late? mayhap you've hugged a jug, or else donned a bonnet? welp, if you haven't, get to it.

less has been more lately for songadays. and i like that just fine. sometimes it feels to me like i made a song that is 8 minutes long when it is in fact 50 seconds. don't get me started about time again.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

songaday volume 3 #15

food lover's are my people: leftovers

i think i made two songs at once...
it sort of became all about that ridiculous falsetto...

bliddy bop.

Monday, February 14, 2005

songaday volume 3 #14

take this, saint valentine: heart

an absolute nod to the brilliant young gentleman ed in the refridgerators they have a valentine's song called "heart of blood," and i love it and them. and i miss them. a further nod to the gentleman who i can never nod at enough they might be giants (their song "mammal")

i just won a bunch of money at poker. jason and i have a poker blog i will write about it there. it was completely crazy.

and then also i think i really like this song. which is fun.

okay, happy heart smooch poopies. if you are in love, i hope you are having awesome valentine's sex right now. (i suppose i hope that for just about everyone, in love or not... i mean, i hope you're not in an emotionally bad relationship and still having awesome sex. but if you are, the least you could do is be having great sex.)


Sunday, February 13, 2005

songaday volume 3 #13

back to the: future life

hi howdy sleepy boy yes. good nice sunday of talking and thinking.
songaday still crazy. somewhat back to something or other... ?
ethan said,"this songaday is the best yet," which felt nice but doesn't feel true to me as i'm in it right now. but that is all okay, too. regardless, if you are ever new to songaday i strongly encourage you to go backwards for perspective. cumulatively, this is song #73.

anyways, i want more control over...some part of the mix that i don't have control over...
i'll work on it and let you know.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

songaday volume 3 #12

in the age of convenience we bring you: penguins lie (betwixt the stubben)

i'm sorry? what? did someone mention more eccentric small songs...
currently obsessed with miniature clarity...

i'm not sure where these are coming from, precisely. they are my little nuggets of song.
rest assured my brain will inevitably counteract thesecompressed notions with some ornate baroque nightmare of elation and supersizedom.


not songaday but monkeyhouse

it is rare for me to disrupt the purity of one songaday to the next. but i wanted to tell anyone who is out there to go see monkeyhouse tonight at CMAC .

CMAC happens to be where i work, as a matter of curiosity. and i wouldn't usually use songaday to promote it. seperation of church and state and all that. but this show is fabulous art made by fabulous folks. it is thoughtful, beautiful, and has a waltz on roller skates and a pinchy stick. and tonight is its last night. and if you tell them songaday sent you, get the member discount of $15! tonight only...

but don't go there to stalk me. because i'll be out drinking and/or at home making tonight's song.

rock on people of the listening world, you'll hear a songalito tonight.

Friday, February 11, 2005

songaday volume 3 #11

seriously, here is: cat and frog (onalog)

well then. that was quite possibly one of the quickest songadays ever. ah, what a merry and childish jig. listen, i just couldn't resist the temptation, okay?

in a bog.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

songaday volume 3 #10

oh boy howdy it's: two little triangles
who doesn't like an eerie dirge?
um, i think volume 3 might be winning most eccentric. go volume 3!

in direct deifiance of ryanne hodson , i am going to continue to write bunches about these songs, my butt, and my penchant for disaster movies (not true).

here is what i think is funny (besides everything). yesterday i was musing about the music i've been "studying" throughout the day, wondering about its effect on the day's song. well, today was rufus wainwright, more mates of state, elliot smith, and a little queen. with a dabble of they might be giants. what we clearly have in song form is something that owes much more to
A) the residents
B) rasputina

hey, so it goes in rock and roll.
speaking of rock and roll, go check out the nice folks at:
they are putting together a new music blog looker-upper.

so, here we have another song in my long line of anthropomorhized shape songs. some are here on songaday, others are elsewhere. circle saw the star, lullabye for triangle, shape song, star parade. here is the latest. simple shapes creep up all over my drawings and writing, too. what can i say, i am a big fan of component parts.

we are currently also obsessed with salt and pepper flavored potato chips. eat them.

please tell me what you think of songs and i promise to write back if humanly possible.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

songaday volume 3 #9

kablamo, here is: helloagain

hey! so, wow, a songday hasn't been this hard to make in i can't remember how long. there was one full-on completely composed and structured false start, and several more vocal false starts within this smaller structure. oddly enough, yesterday's song took only half the time. and today's ended up being one of the musically simplest and shortest. and there is a strong likelihood i'll look back and like this one (as opposed to a few other dark horses that were mired in struggle). it is funny, because i went in very excited to make something very poppy. all day i've been listening to ben folds and michael jackson. and there you have it.

which is an interesting segue into a point about this here songaday process. part of what i have been doing is really hitting myself with much more music than usual. i haven't done this so purposefully in past songadays, and i'm not sure why i suddenly wanted to now. but i've been listening intently and dissecting quite a lot. the abovementioned were today's contributors. thus far there has also been a lot of: mercury rev's new ep (one song in particular), the mates of state, the postal service, xtc's apple venus volume 1, and bjork's medula. probanly something i forget. more to come, i'll keep you posted.

ouch, that one hurt.
but i still love songaday lots.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

songaday volume 3 #8

long overdue: summaluncha
(very overtly for andy wade)

you'll remember andy wade from yesterday. as the best ever. well, he still is, and today is his birthdae. long ago, i posted a contest. " tell people to sign up for my e-mail list and i'll make a song about you." not enough people responded. but dr wade did. and here, at long last, is his song.
when is jonny cruz's birthdae? damn, i'd have to learn how to play some real sexy bass for that song (he also "made good" on the contest. AND he's wicked sexy. for rizzle. i mean, andy wade's sexy, too. lots of my friends are. but i'd hump jonny cruz's spit. )


okay. yay. for songaday.

happy birthdae andywade (go look at his awesome journal blog via the link and discern the true meaning of summaluncha, christamas, partying hard, orc potions, and the afterlife)!

Monday, February 07, 2005

songaday volume 3 #7

brooooing: bending bird

i am on the phone with andywade. he is the best ever.
today is my day off. i bought stuff.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

songaday volume 3 #6

one-fifth through: anymore giants

ah, sweet sundays.

this song gets a bit muddy, but i like some bits. i kept trimming parts for clarity, but in the end it still feels unwieldy. i really like the idea though. to spoil: it is about a race of underground peoples who think of themselves as giants relative to everything else, but when they explore the aboveground in their spacesuits they find out they aren't so big. you know, perspective yadda bladda marty etc. yet another odd one. i keep saying that, i suppose.

i think it should be said that volume 3 feels much more like just picking up right where volume 2 left off. which makes sense, right? but i don't think that was the case from 1-2. and i didn't want it to be from 2-3. but then i stopped fighting that as of about day 4. and so now songs are going much faster with a lot less worry. change will come, and having the full keyboard is a big one. but i keep mentioning their oddness. which is true to me. and makes sense because by the end of volume 2 i was very comfortable making songs that were completely odd with no regard for popular opinion. which isn't to say i don't care what you think. please tell me things. and it also isn't to say that i am always making songs so that people will like them. but i feel that the seemingly random aside in volume 3 #1 that says,"and this time, i'm making it, just for me," holds true to an extent. obviously not completely, or else this wouldn't be a big olde public fprum. but you see what i mean. or else you don't. in either case, please write me about it.

go superbowl tigers of yay.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

songaday volume 3 #5

climb on in our fort of clothes

we played a rock show. it was great fun. yet another odd line-up, but a good one. i was powerfuly moved by the folks who went before us: zac and sarah (winchester, i believe). just beautiful beautiful music - this sarah simply has a sensational and honest voice like no one else. i could listen to her sing anything, anytime. then we rocked our craziness, which should have been grossly inappropriate after such niceness, but i feel like we did our own rocktastic job. the show was in good olde north 175, the classroom that i spent much of my four years of college in. it felt like magic to be there again. i love being in uncle monsterface so much. these guys are just incredible.

this song. is small and quiet. partly because i feel deeply tired (not is a bad way, just in a "doing lots and lots" sort-of way which is not at all mutually exclusive from songaday itself). but this song is mostly because i had a quiet song in me today. i felt it in there all day. certainly not a stone-cold rocker nor new wave sensation. but nice. and would have been impossible without the new proper keyboard. which is real nice.

okay. sleepy. thanks for coming to the show if you did, or we missed you if you didn't and come to the next one.

i like to make songs.

Friday, February 04, 2005

songaday volume 3 #4

for the kids in the gym here is: sweatpants (for gabe)

hey wow and holy canolis. 13 hour workday. and then make a song. but then! go to the bar.
i love beer.

i love making songs.
this song is silly and crazy. for the last several days i have remained committed to trying to make the songs pretty simple and straight-up. this was the first time i think that really happened. as of right now, i like it.

okey dokey. i'm real tired. come and see uncle monsterface (the new rockband i am in) rock massart tomorrow, feb 5, at massart's N175 (alternately N181). show starts at 7:30. we rock around 9.

i sleep now, then make a song for you tomorrow. please tell me what you think, sign up for the mystical rss.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

songaday volume 3 #3

meow for the: kittens
(for lucas)

okay, hi the songs are already weird. i don't think there is a hit single yet. but i like 'em.

what should i tell blogville about?
wellity, there is a magical rss feed dealy now. the rumor is that if you control-click on it, it'll make the magic things occur. further rumors imply that these "magic things" are bright neon with rainbow ribbons trailing behind them. they sing songs like songs from gramophones except as sung by unruly drunks on the train.

i recommend that you try a solid bludgeoning before bed.
and that you tell me what you think of songs.

talkin bout my.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

songaday volume 3 #2

dee-da-dum, here is: clever disguise
i think i am still getting the stink feet proverbially "wet."
um, some of the high end stuff is kind of harsh. i'll try to fix that...anyone know a good way to fix that? in peak or digital performer?

well. so what is funny, or let's say "interesting," is that this song is sort of glommy and serious. or something. i guess it's just that it's is about loss and deception. and i think at the least the newspaper article and to some extent popular notions lean toward the idea that i write mostly "jokey jingles." and i can very clearly see where that impression comes from. i mean, i write some pretty silly songs. and this song was not written to prove otherwise. it just came out. the point is, it seems to me that i make lots of these weird little overwrought ditties. and i like these, too. and does anyone notice that they are about glomminess? i'm sure we'll also see our fair share of robots, vampires, and bears (so please stick around for those shennanigans if that is what you are waiting for), but it felt worth noting. at least internally. and now externally.

so. this one. was tough again. i am overwhelmed with new technology. i keep going into the process very excited. and remaining so. but it is taking longer than i remember it. because i think the speed starts to pick up as i go. i really wanted to use the olde drum machine and olde keyboards for this one. and it wasn't coming together. and then i took a whole other stab and liked this. i am rambling almost completely incoherently tonight...hmmm...and it's only #2.


anyways, see you tomorrow.
oh yeah! my cute blog buddies ( captain blog steve garfield and ryanne ) went crazy and got me all set up with an RSS thinger before i could do it right. so right now the link is in ryanne's comment from volume 3 #1. i'll try to make the button go, too. or whatever the thinger is and does. i get the vague sense that it has racing stripes and a pit team.

wiggity mackity wordup.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

songaday volume 3 #1

here we go: volume 3 theme

i like to think that this first song keeps with the standing tradition of the first one being overly ambitious and somewhat cumbersome.
which leads us neatly into what's exciting: if i didn't already call you or e-mail you or you or you weren't drawn here because of it:
this is the exciting boston phoenix article about songaday!
so neat and awesome. so many big thanks to mr mike miliard for helping to support my irrational efforts.

so - this one was tough. it is difficult to start up again. perhaps some amongst you may note that by now it is technically february 2. technicalities are bunk here. as was established with volume 2, my days are defined by my sleeping schedule. and my sleeping schedule is godawful in its finest hours. first time around i tried to use midnight and it nearly destroyed me. (perhaps it DID destroy me...who can sayyyyyy...?)

i think this song maybe shares a lot of characteristics with the latter-day volume 2 songs (which makes sense). i like the lyrics in the middle. by the way, people sometimes say they can't understand whatever the hell it is i'm saying. whatever you are guessing is probably better, but if you ever want to know i'm more than happy to divulge...

the things (gadgets, doodads, and googaws) i didn't know i would get to help but suddenly got are as follows: a pair of super good listening headphones and a nifty midi keyboard. i should explain: throughout volume 2, all of the keyboard parts were played on my actual macintosh "keyboard." you know, the thing you type words on. if it wasn't clear already, i like certain limitations...but that one became a bit silly. so just today i got a proper keyboard that makes me able to play forty-nine black and white keys. overwhelming and exciting. the super-good headphones are a fair step forward from the taped together ones that i bought at south station. movin on up.

okay. i'm excited to be back at it. please leave comments. please go look at a million other blogs or vlogs or glogs or bjournals. please bring me a juicebox on your way back, and ignore my smelly feet.

as has been suggested by blogville (bjournaltowne) i'll try and get an RSS feed going on this here thinger...

songaday again.

ps: i forgot to mention that this marks the first divergence from the orginal "songaday" melody. i just got tired of it. i already made 4 songs with it... so somehow this one became like a spy song. a robot badger spy song.