Sunday, September 16, 2007

3 more peanut butter & jellery songs

as suspected, the songs are taking a bit longer to get done than i thought. isn't someone supposed to be giving me a hard time about that?

tracks 4, 5, and 6!

4. my real friends-
i think that 'my real friends' is yet another song in the long line of songs about my curious childhood. i never had an imaginary friend, because i had so many on tee vee and in comic books. but i sort of longed for one. perhaps this stunted my imagination, perhaps it just slanted it in an interesting direction. the notion that the tee vee/comic book friends were 'my real friends' stems in no small part from the fact that, as a classically solitary small boy (until i found another kindred weirdo in the 4th grade), my real-est friends were the ones i was finding in the justice league (thank you, kieth giffen). don't worry, i became a crazed extrovert in junior high...

i pushed myself around a bit on this composition. i tried to do things that didn't come to me instinctively, like dropping the lead verse line when it seems like it should come right back in, and then vocally following a weirdly atonal piano part instead of trying to build upon it melodically. interesting result...

and this is the longest song yet! way longer than a minute!

5. van buren's eye -
this is completely autobiographical. i just thought it was very funny as it was happening. the lyrics are:
'i dropped an eyeball on the floor ; as i remade martin van buren; president - who i adored ; because we share a name or something...'
as all two of you may know, i make sock puppet portraits for a living. recently, as part of a show in chicago, i did three portraits of U.S. presidents - lincoln, washington, and martin van buren. all have a place in my heart, but van buren the most personal. as a small boy, i wondered if any presidents were named 'martin'. whereupon i became fascinated with him. while re-making him in sock puppet form, i dropped his eyeball on the floor.

shortest song yet!

6. animal robot armada -
this falls more under the 'you've been warned'-songs-by-marty category. the leader of which is 'chocula (you're never safe)' as popularized by the rock band uncle monsterface.

any song that features robots, scientists, and zoos absolutely insists upon a nod to the flaming lips. duly nodded.

seriously, though, be careful. it's all a front for advanced robots, and they're assembling. remain vigilant!

that's what i gots.
pleassssse tell me what you think, please tell other people about them.