Thursday, January 03, 2008

pb&jellery #8

this, the eighth song of the lumbering peanutbutter & jellery project is called
beneath the seam

i think that it is about how we often look for there to be more machinations than there are. liiike...we hope for a big and nasty conspiracy, when things are simply as nasty as the seem. beneath the seam. often. not always.


but there are actually lots of uplifting things happening in my life. that's just a song that occurred to me at one point or another. i'm endlessly fascinated by the the ever-twirling world of awesome things abutting melancholy and awful ones. the so-called pageant of life.

viva life!

i think i'll be able to make more of these songs a bit faster now that i'm not constantly selling portraits of sock puppets constantly.



Jessica G. Miller said...

Sometimes life just happens...with teeth.

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